Hope in the Book of Revelations


Nov 20, 2016 – Recording added below….scroll down to listen.

Verses are Rev 1:8; Rev 1:5; Rev 7:17; Rev 20:4; Rev 20:10; Rev 21:14; Rev 2:3; Rev 19:20; Rev 21:22; Rev 1:3; Rev 3:10; Rev 1:17.

So many people today read terrifying stories about the Book of Revelation, when in reality, there are actually more stories of hope and joy there than in other books in the Bible. These short 12 verses are just a few of the many in Revelations that tell of ultimate joy and hope for the future of mankind.  If more people would read from the beginning of the New Testament, then they would understand more when they get to the Book of Revelations. I always ask people how often do they pick up a book and start with the last chapter first.  When they tell me that they don’t, I then ask them why in the world would you try to read the most important book of your life from back to front.  It doesn’t make sense to me!

Tonight in 12 short verses, we found that the story of hope and salvation is in Revelations just the same as it is in all the other Books in the Bible.  Yes, there are scary things in Revelations, but if you would start at the beginning of the Bible, then they would not seem so scary.  I encourage you all to do just that!  God bless you all and we hope you will join us on Wednesday night for Bible Study as we learn more about Loving Each Other.

Sunday night services are at 8PM Eastern USA time zone.  The phone number is 774-220-4000 with the passcode being 842646#.

Wednesday night service are at 8PM Eastern USA time zone. The phone number is 774-220-4000 with the passcode 842646#.







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