Computers,televisions, radios, buy my magazine, no you need to buy my magazine, my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin, my sister’s new husband’s cousin’s wife, watch this crazy you tube video I just found discussing the book of revelations from the bible, it explains everything in revelations. Look at this new medical video that I found online, now I don’t ever have to go to the doctor ever again!

We are truly swamped with data and information( which are both the same thing). We are always being asked to watch this or read this and all your problems go away. Just pay this small fee or buy this phone or this computer. The trouble with all this data is that so much of it is wrong information put out by people who are just good at creating sensational fictional stories. According to the American Medical Association over sixty percent of the medical and medicine information that is published each year is wrong. In other words you have a better chance of killing or maiming yourself than even remotely helping yourself at all by going online to diagnose and treat yourself medically.

I would guess that knowing this, you would not want to go online to diagnose yourself or your family medically. I am constantly amazed at how many people go online to diagnose the condition of their soul, which is much more important than their everyday health! I endeavor to watch online videos on a somewhat regular basis simply so I don’t get blind sided by way far out questions that people bring to  myself and other pastors and leaders. Pastors and other Church Leaders discuss this all the time. In fact it sometimes it takes up so much of our time that we can’t get to other duties that we are tasked with.

Tonight I will be addressing this very subject in our live service which you are all warmly invited to join in with us. You can participate with us or just simply listen in if you wish. Simply call 774 220 4000 and when prompted just punch in room number 842646# at 8pm eastern time in the U.S.A.      may God Bless You All




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