God Is Great All The Time,All The Time God Is Great

Such a great statement. So many people quote this everyday. So many people quote so many things like what is called The Lord’s Prayer. Yet most of these very people never really slow down and get into a quiet place and pray  and study on what these few words really mean.  In the same way I hear people crying out that our government is removing crosses and other christian symbols. I was just recently visiting the newest Veterans hospital in Orlando,Florida with some of my fellow Vietnam era veterans and during a short visit to the new chapel my friend was so upset that this chapel was trying to be all inclusive so they had removed all crosses. Their idea is that in this way all people will feel comfortable coming in to pray in whatever way they might believe. These same people seem to always ask why doesn’t someone do something about all this? or sometimes they ask how do those people in charge get away with removing Christian Symbols in a Christian based country?

I know that some of you say I speak on this topic a lot. But, it also seems like, for the most part, these same people are the ones who keep crying out instead of trying to fix the so called injustices. Our Bible tells us that these and other so called injustices will keep happening as long as Good People stand around and do nothing. It takes effort and dedication and willingness to get out of your little comfort zone to change things. I tell people to quit complaining and carry a cross in public view on your body for the world to see. The powers that be are not telling us to not wear a cross on our person. They are not telling us to not act like Christ in public. They are not telling us that we can’t speak out, professing our beliefs.They are not telling us to skip prayer, they are not telling us we can’t pray.

Our Bible tells us that with knowledge our lives and willingness to take up our cross and imitate Christ will improve. Our Bible tells us that knowledge comes with daily reading of scripture in our Bible. Our Bible says that all scripture is good for learning. AT LEAST THIS IS WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS TO ME WHEN I READ IT.

I plan to keep speaking and teaching on this subject as long as God Directs me to. It seems that each and every time I post something on this subject, it reaches another one of you. That is God’s purpose. I pray daily for each and everyone of you to find what mission that God has for you and that you willingly take up your cross and march with and for God Almighty.




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