Tonight I will be teaching the first of what I hope is several lessons on what some people often refer to as “Obscure Characters in our Bible”. These people may be mentioned one or two or in as many as ten verses.These are people who you may not have heard of before but they play a very important part in the history of Christianity.

Tonight I want to talk about a lady named Jochobed. She was the mother of Moses. Yes, that Moses that you saw in the movies. But tonight we are going to center on his mother. She was a daughter to Levi which puts Moses in the bloodline of the Levitical Priests later talked about during and after the Exodus.

The name Jochobed implies, Glory of Jehovah”.It is the first time in scripture that someones name is compounded with Jah or Jehovah. Most people believe that later years during the Exodus is the first time that God identified himself as Jehovah.

What this lady went through to give her son a good life is a totally awesome story that is very seldom told. Most believe that she put Baby Moses in a little boat and floated him down a crocodile infested river hoping The  Pharaoh’s daughter would find him and take him in. There is so much more to this story and it is the Love of a Mother ‘s Love for Her Child.

If you would like to know this wonderful story, please call in tonight at 8pm eastern time in the U.S. at 712 775 7035 and when prompted just enter room number 826789#. you will be live in church with other Christians like yourself.  Mat God Bless You All.

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