This question seems to confuse many,many people. In fact I think I have heard more variations and different explanations of these two subjects than just about any other stories I have ever heard from The Holy Bible. Tonight in our live service we will address scripture from Hebrew and Greek on both of these subjects.Some of you will say this is old hat to you and some will be totally astonished.We will be in Old Testament and New Testament as well on both subjects.

Many people have been asking why do I many times go back into the Old Testament to teach, when we are in New Testament times? I always smile and remind them that the Old Testament prophesied The Coming of The Man Jesus and in the New Testament Jesus arrived and did not do away with the Old Law in the Old Testament but FULFILLED IT.

So you see they actually go hand in hand as you will all hear tonight and see as you follow along in your own bibles. We look forward to meeting with you all tonight at 8pm eastern time.  You simply dial 712 775 7035 and when prompted just enter conference number 826789#. You will be live in our service and can talk and study with us. Until then May God Bless You All.

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