This question seems to confuse many,many people. In fact I think I have heard more variations and different explanations of these two subjects than just about any other stories I have ever heard from The Holy Bible. Tonight in our live service we will address scripture from Hebrew and Greek on both of these subjects.Some of you will say this is old hat to you and some will be totally astonished.We will be in Old Testament and New Testament as well on both subjects.

Many people have been asking why do I many times go back into the Old Testament to teach, when we are in New Testament times? I always smile and remind them that the Old Testament prophesied The Coming of The Man Jesus and in the New Testament Jesus arrived and did not do away with the Old Law in the Old Testament but FULFILLED IT.

So you see they actually go hand in hand as you will all hear tonight and see as you follow along in your own bibles. We look forward to meeting with you all tonight at 8pm eastern time.  You simply dial 712 775 7035 and when prompted just enter conference number 826789#. You will be live in our service and can talk and study with us. Until then May God Bless You All.


So many new people are changing their lives and getting closer to Jesus Christ lately. In this ministry it has never been about the number of people attending but about people learning to read their bible as it is written and not the way they have been told that it is written. When this is accomplished people begin to understand that a personal one on one relationship with Jesus Christ is easy and the only way to Heaven.

In recent weeks we have seen so many lives begin to change and what a blessing it is to be able to be even a small part of a persons transformation. So many people have been told for centuries that you need a Priest or Bishop or Preacher to show you the way to Heaven. This can get so very confusing because each one tells you a little different way to achieve a one on one relationship with Jesus. Usually their routes go through their church or Denomination. Christ Jesus said the story is simple and that the way through him into Heaven is simple. Too many people try to make it complicated and hard.

Christ Jesus said that he came for everyone and that people have only to turn to him for salvation. As soon as people begin to learn to simply read their Bible as it is written not as they have heard,  their eyes and hearts begin to light up and their excitement and thirst for more and more knowledge about Jesus Christ grows and grows.  I is so exciting to see this begin to take place. I wake up every day totally excited to learn what miracle that Jesus Christ is going to preform in someones life today.  I have been so blessed to see people’s lives begin to change then to see their continued growth in knowledge and understanding of God’s word and then to see them go out into the world and share it with their friends and families and with total strangers as well. God is certainly awesome! Jesus Christ is totally awesome! My life is so full and awesome because of my own walk with Jesus Christ and God.

If you would like to join our miraculous walk with Jesus Christ and God you are most welcome to join us each sunday evening at 8pm in the U.S.A. by simply calling 712 775 7035 and when prompted simply put in number 826789. if you are in another country please leave a comment message on  this blog and I will answer you with a local number in your country where you can call in live as well.