In Joshua 2:1 we meet a woman whose name is Rahab and she is  referred to as a prostitute or harlot. Now in Matthew 1:5 Rahab is married to Salmon and they have a son named Boaz. Boaz was known as a wealthy landowner.Salmon, the husband of Rahab is the great-great grandfather of King David.This puts Rahab squarely in the direct lineage of Jesus!Some people would ask, why would God not only allow,but personally put a prostitute in the lineage of his son, Jesus. I believe it was to show us, it is not where you started from but where you finish! Ecclesiastes 9:1 talks about how the race is not given to the quickest one nor the battle to the strongest one. God gave us all free will. Rahab, I believe had a choice to give up the spies, but chose fear the Lord. Not in the sense of being scared of God, but having respect for him. In Joshua 2: 10 & 11 Rahab speaks on how God blesses the Israelites and in verse 11 she declared that their God is God! I believe in that moment God released favor over her and her family. In Matthew 24:13 Jesus speaks on how the one that endures to the end will be saved. Make good use of the time while you can. No man knows the hour when Jesus will return for us.

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