Chaos in America, Peace at Home

People are so confused and scared about all the chaos going on in America today. Almost daily I hear terrified people saying things like ” We need our President or our leaders to pass more laws and to fix our country”. I say that they can’t fix our country because our country can only really be repaired and put back on track by God’s Church and that is US!!!!

In Proverbs 29:16 it says ” When the wicked thrive so does sin:but the righteous will see the downfall of the wicked”. I say if we use the Nelson Rockefeller method” mind your pennies and your dollars will mind themselves” we can not only repair this great country we can and will restore the peace that we once had. People always say they want to go back to more peaceful times, why don’t we make peaceful times again? Maybe we should turn off the news and put our “Smart Phones” down and try loving our neighbors. We should try commending each other for good things that they do instead of dwelling on things that our neighbor does that we may not totally agree with. We should celebrate our togetherness not our petty differences. Because we are all much more alike than we are different. Check out Romans 14:13.

If you would like to know more you are always invited to join us live by simply calling 712 432 3900  when prompted just enter conference number 431167#.  Each sunday evening at 8pm eastern time. May God Bless you all


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