In bible school I was always taught that Saul was a fairly wealthy man. After all he worked for the High Priest chasing and arresting and generally getting rid of Christians for the Jewish church.  Many people never understand how big a deal that getting rid of Christians was at the time. It was a full time job for many people, especially since Rome was involved. It seems Christianity was a real thorn in the Romans side.

After Saul was converted on the road to Damascus,Syria and he became Paul the Christian he no longer had access to any of his former wealth or life. As far as the Jewish and Roman leaders were concerned, now Paul was a turncoat and enemy. When Paul went on his long missionary journeys he needed a way to earn money He had a very important profession.If you knew very much about his profession then you would be amazed that people not only allowed him into their homes to help start churches but they openly invited him in again and again.

When I read about the things that Paul went through to witness about God and Jesus to complete strangers in many times hostile cities I can easily draw parallels to us carrying the Gospel out into the streets today.

If you would like to learn more and meet other believers like yourself you are always most welcome in Traveling 4 Christ Ministry. Simply call at 8pm Sundays at 712 432 3900 and when asked simply enter conference number 431167#. You will be live in our ministry where you can participate or simply just listen. If you cannot join us live you can always hear our recording at 712 432 3903 conference 431167#.   May God Bless You All


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