A question that I am asked a lot in my roll as a Pastor. Of course everyone has heard the story in the old testament about the ten percent rule. That is always a good rule to follow if you are going to tithe on a regular basis. Then folks ask me if that should be ten percent of their gross pay or their net pay. I ask them if they want a gross blessing or a net blessing.

In the new testament what we call tithing is treated a little different. In fact tithing, as far as giving money to Gods Church wasn’t a normal practice in early america until early 1900’s. There wasn’t a lot of money changing hands back in the early years of america. Everyone looked out for each other and took care of each other as well as taking care seeing that church had a building and everything it needed.

In the new testament we have lots of examples of giving a portion of what God has blessed you with back to God’s church. second Corinthians chapter 9 talks about giving back to God. I always teach that how much you give is between you and God. In our ministry we don”t ask for tithes but at the same time as our ministry needs something our members always step up to the plate. Also when we are called to help someone else our members always send in money to help. I am so proud of them all. But most importantly God is proud of them each and everyone.

I will be teaching more on this so very important subject on this coming sunday night in our church.If you would like to join us you can call in at 712 432 3900 and when prompted simply enter conference number 431167#. You can either just listen in or you can join in the conversation.  Until then May God Bless You All.



In bible school I was always taught that Saul was a fairly wealthy man. After all he worked for the High Priest chasing and arresting and generally getting rid of Christians for the Jewish church.  Many people never understand how big a deal that getting rid of Christians was at the time. It was a full time job for many people, especially since Rome was involved. It seems Christianity was a real thorn in the Romans side.

After Saul was converted on the road to Damascus,Syria and he became Paul the Christian he no longer had access to any of his former wealth or life. As far as the Jewish and Roman leaders were concerned, now Paul was a turncoat and enemy. When Paul went on his long missionary journeys he needed a way to earn money He had a very important profession.If you knew very much about his profession then you would be amazed that people not only allowed him into their homes to help start churches but they openly invited him in again and again.

When I read about the things that Paul went through to witness about God and Jesus to complete strangers in many times hostile cities I can easily draw parallels to us carrying the Gospel out into the streets today.

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We were to leave today for a well deserved vacation when, a few days ago we received a phone call saying that Debs sister was being rushed to a hospital in corpus christi,texas near where she lived. We jumped into our pickup and drove straight through 1150 miles to get here. Thanks to all of your prayers from all around the world and great doctors,  she is getting better. Still will be a long road back to health. We still need your prayers. Debbie will be staying here for quite a while to help her sister Donna recover. I will be headed back to florida next week and back to work. Please keep praying for Donna, and thank all of you so very much for all your prayers. You are all so very dear to our hearts.

Do we have to be baptised to get into heaven?

What a wonderful wednesday night bible study. A really spirited discussion tonight on this wonderful subject. Lots of discussion of the scriptures. Lots of opinions. Everyone getting to talk and put in their ideas for discussion. Men and women alike. No one talking over another,no tempers flaring. Just good old Bible studying. What a God filled study! Such a blessing to be a part of this happening.

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