We are always taught about the same heroes in our Bible like Moses, Samson, Noah and so many others; and these stories inspire us as they should. When I look out from the pulpit and see who is sitting in the crowd  on any given Sunday, I see average normal people just like you and I, trying to learn and find their place in God’s enormous picture.

Tonight, I want to talk about people just like these, people in the background, people that most teachers never teach about. In fact, these people that I will be talking about tonight are mentioned  in maybe one verse or sometimes in only two or three verses. I find that many teachers don’t even know about them or maybe just don’t think of teaching about them, because so little is known about these background workers in our Bible. I am referring to people like Bezalel in Exodus or maybe Tertius in the book of Romans or even Rahab the prostitute who hid the Israelite spies. How about the man that provided the upper room for Christ’s last supper; did you know that he continued to provide space for the disciples after the crucifixion and resurection?

You see, for every story, there are many people in the background making that story happen. It is like you going somewhere to see a famous play. You couldn’t see the play without people to open and close the curtains, run the lights and sound, and do not forget that someone had to write the play. Often in church, we simply retell the main points of stories in the Bible. We tell about the bigger than life heroes and the life impacting stories, and forget to tell about the smaller stories of lesser known heroes.  Is it possible that often people quit going to church or they just lose interest, because they just can’t see themselves being called to be that bigger than life hero? Tonight, we will be learning about some of these stories in our Bible that make those lesser known heroes become bigger than life as well … people who contribute just as much as those better known heroes but are rarely seen by the crowds … people who are just as important to Jesus as the better recognized names. If you are ready to hear more, please feel free to join us.

You are always welcome to join us for our live service tonight and every Sunday night at 8pm Eastern time by simply dialing 712 432 3900 and when prompted enter 431167#. If you are unable to join at that time, call 712 432 3903, using the same code 431167# and you will hear the recording from the Sunday night lesson which remains available 24/7 all week until the next Sunday is recorded.  May God Bless You All.



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