In Second Timothy Chapter  Four we are told that there will come a time when men turn away from God’s True Word and seek out those who only teach mankind what they want to hear. In other words, These people only want to hear what makes them feel good and is very easy to follow. They surround themselves with Preachers and Teachers that twist and change God’s word and don’t teach all of God’s word. The teachers get to a point where they only worry about numbers of people showing up to each service.

If these people were reading God’s word as it has been written they would be more concerned about how much a person’s life has been changed and improved after hearing and learning God’s word. First Timothy Chapter Four Verse Four says that all God Inspired scripture is good for teaching. If this is true then why do people choose to teach only the easy parts or as some call it THE GOOD PARTS of our BIBLE?

It comes back to each of us being responsible for our own individual souls. We must choose to accept all of God’s word or none of it.Sadly many people tell themselves that they don’t have time to do the other things that scripture requires us to do. Their life becomes too busy or complicated for God,so they  tell themselves things like if they at least listen only to the good and uplifting parts that they will still get to heaven. I pray for these people all the time.

Tonight at 8pm eastern time we will be going into more depth on this very subject.  If you would like to join us from wherever you might be at that time, all you need to do is pick up your telephone and dial 712 432 3900 and when prompted put in conference number 431167#. You will be in live church with other folks just like your self. You can simply listen in and you can also speak up and join in. If you miss our live service then you  call anytime day or night to 712 432 3903 and when prompted enter conference number 431167# and listen to the latest recording. We hope to meet all of you there. May God Bless You All.

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