Keep Faith In God

This old preacher has been brought to his knees yet again by the awesomeness of God. I once heard a local preacher joke that he believed God blessed a person with a pastorate because God is upset with that person. He said this because being a Pastor of a church can sometimes be the most challenging role a person ever undertakes in their life. When God calls you to be a Pastor, you truly learn what it means to give your heart and soul to God.

Sometimes people in your congregation ask you how  you learned to explain things so well, and what it means to dedicate your entire being to God.  When you are a Pastor, everything besides God’s mission for you and the ministry that he has called you for, takes second place.

I have been blessed to have been called by God many years ago to  start up a small ministry for and by truck drivers, because it is terribly challenging to park a sixty foot long vehicle in most church parking lots or even to stop at a certain time and place during delivery runs.  We have never been what some call a large group at any one time; however, many people have come and gone over the many years that we have been meeting together. When we started, we were on a C.B. radio, then in a telephone chat room; and we still are there. People said that it would never work either on the radio or on the phone. God said  that we should have faith in Him. After all, it is His ministry.

God said don’t divide up over small stuff, and welcome everyone like Jesus did. Love everyone and have patience; after all everything happens in God’s time, not ours. Let me tell you, it has taken a lot of faith and patience. It took a lot of reading Bible stories about people like Noah who built a big boat  while all the people told him it would never float!  We read stories about how God pulled Moses back from out of the wilderness and used him to save God’s chosen people. These are just to name a few inspiring stories. Oftentimes, when this ministry was just my wife and I and God, as a human I would ask God if I was doing something wrong? Each time God would say, “Keep the Faith”. In His time, He will shine through this little ministry. I would visit other churches, both big and small, and again I would ask God, am I doing something wrong? You see, a Pastor is after all just a human too, just like each of you. Each time God would say, “Be patient, and keep the Faith”.

Well, this old Pastor is here to tell you,  God has kept His Promise. God has taught me over the years that it is not how many people attend any church, but how they change their lives after they have attended and if they keep coming back for more. As one of our members told me this morning, “Pastor Bob, because of your faith in God and patience and hard work, you are now surrounded by a group 0f strong Christian people”.  These strong Christian people are now taking the ball and running with it. They are taking God’s Word out into the world and witnessing to people and helping those people to change their lives and to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. They are are about to add a Wednesday night Bible study to our ministry. God is Awesome!!

Whenever you think life is too hard, or maybe God is putting too much on your plate… Look Up! God is there. He asks us to be faithful, to keep moving forward. God has a purpose for calling you to do something; and always remember, HE NEVER CALLS THE QUALIFIED, HE QUALIFIES THE CALLED.

If you would ever like to join our little ministry in worshiping God, all you need to do is pick up your telephone at 8pm Eastern Time and dial 712 432 3900, and when prompted just put in conference number 431167#. You will be in a live service with us. You can just listen or you can speak up and join in with us. We record each service and make it available 24/7 by calling 712 432 3903, enter conference code 431167# to hear the current week’s service.  Until then May God Bless You All.


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