How many Christians can really say that They Are A Champion? I often am asked that question. I usually respond with my own question,”Are You a Champion”? I ask, are you a champion in your own home? Does your family see you as a champion? Do they see you taking time out of your so very busy schedule on a daily basis to truly spend quality time with each one of them? I did not sat quantity of time, I said QUALITY TIME.

Do you block out the world and center, for just a few minutes, on them? Do you take time to hold them in your arms and love them? Do you teach them how much God loves all of us ? Do you tell them that when God made all of us He did not make us to be silent? God sent His Son to speak up for us. Jesus most often seemed to upset the apple cart! In other words, people had become complacent. Whether they knew if their worship ways were right or wrong, at least there was consistency. It was easy to just follow along. Then here came Jesus and challenged everything. Jesus was a Champion for Us then and He Still is!

We are supposed to follow his examples and speak up for God. If you would like to hear and learn more you can join us tonight at 8pm Eastern time in the USA. Simply telephone 712 432 3900 and when prompted just enter conference number 431167#. You will be in a live church service, and not just listening, because you can participate. If you cannot make it to our Live Service you can always listen to our Recorded Service any time 24 hours a day by calling 712 432 3903 and entering conference number 431167#. May God Bless You All.

One thought on “I AM A CHAMPION

  1. I love this blog because it reminds me from when I was growing up,after the other 3 siblings were gone from home.i had no one to turn to after that but God and really was not sure how to do that till I got older.I very thankful that I know now how to do know how to turn to God now.

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