What an Awesome Week it has been

This week has really been awesome for us. First: Last Sunday evening we had a lesson on Joseph from Book of Genesis and how we could imitate his life and beliefs to improve our lives. So many people have contacted me to talk about that lesson.

This last friday night Vicky( from our ministry) came all the way from Indiana so she could attend a live  play with us. It was called THE LIFE OF JESUS. It was awesome with  the animals and all. It is in south Florida bur tonight is the last show for this year. In the play we saw Jesus Baptised in the River Jordan.  Right after the play I was Blessed to accompany Vicki down from the viewing stands and Baptise her in The River Jordan right there on the set of the play.

It is always a blessing to see someone give their life to Jesus( which Vicki did on Good Friday this year) and even more of a Blessing when they get Baptised.

We will be posting pictures here on this Blog later this week for all to see. If you happen to meet our new Sister In Christ or if you already know her please congratulate her on her decision to make this wonderful journey.

If anyone of you would like to join us in our live service. You can call in and participate in our live service by calling 712 432 3900. And when prompted put in conference 431167#. At 8pm on sunday evenings eastern time in the USA



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