So often I hear that someone prayed for God to put something or someone into their life. And then next time I hear from them, I hear that God gave them that someone or that something then took it away. I tell them that  the God that they are describing doesn’t sound like the God that I follow. At this point, I have their undivided attention and ask them how they prayed… how they worded their prayers to God. After the looks of confusion on their faces, I ask them if they prayed like Jesus prayed? I tell them that often times we tend to pray for our will not God’s. In John 14:12, Christ Jesus says that anyone who BELIEVES in HIM will do what He has done.

Even in the disciple’s prayer, Jesus asked that God’s will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. In the garden that night so long ago, Christ asked God to please lift His coming burden of death but whatever God’s will is should be done.

The other thing is that we often times pray and don’t wait for an answer. Most times we don’t even show enough faith to expect an answer. We just tend to go through the motions, then we get upset or feel let down by God, because we tell ourselves that he wasn’t listening anyway.

God is not in the habit of ignoring our true heartfelt prayers.  He is also not in the habit of putting someone special in our lives just to take them away a few days later. God will do things sometimes to get you to look in the mirror at yourself, something we humans are not in the habit of doing ourselves.

If you feel the desire to know more, then you are always invited to join our services live simply by calling 712 432 3900, and when prompted, simply put in conference number 431167#. You will be live in church with us (not simply listening to a recording).  If you are not able to join us live. WE also have a recording number that is available twenty four hours a day and the lesson changes weekly. That number is 712 432 3903 with conference 431167#. We normally meet each Sunday evening at 8pm eastern time in the U.S.A. Until next time MAY OUR LORD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL SAFE IN HIS ARMS OF LOVE.


  1. ive herad the same tjings the past few years.people ask why God has done this and not that,its like they are blsmeing God for there wrongs,wjen all along it was their own fault yo start with.

  2. What? God is not Santa or the Genie with 3 wishes? Sorry, I should not joke about this, but we really do sometimes think and expect that God will fulfill our wishes/wants list and desires of our heart. We want happy perfect lives without sadness, trials, or difficulties to endure. Scripture assures us that God will meet our needs, not necessarily our wants. Think carefully now about basic needs for life here. Scripture also assures us that we will have trials and tribulations and will be tempted and tried by Satan, just as Christ was in the desert. That is why He also assures us that if the burdens are too heavy, He will help us bear them. He will also help direct our paths in life and send angels to guide and guard us along the way. These are the times we learn to pray and lean towards Him for solace and guidance. Ultimately, we are made stronger in spirit and in faith through these times. Think diamonds from coal, tempered steel from the fire, and there you have it! God bless you all!

  3. When I first read this I thought I felt guilty praying for certain things…like I was being selfish for MY NEEDS AND WANTS!! For me, I have learned to pray more for His will in my life…help me to get thru this or that. That has helped me to not put my selfish needs first! And I am still learning to be a better person and help others from my heart! I know I will have hard times and that God will help me ALWAYS!! I am so thankful for the wonderful people I have met thru TFORC Ministry. I pray that each of you will continue to be blessed thru the ministry and love to each and everyone of you!!

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