So often I hear that someone prayed for God to put something or someone into their life. And then next time I hear from them, I hear that God gave them that someone or that something then took it away. I tell them that  the God that they are describing doesn’t sound like the God that I follow. At this point, I have their undivided attention and ask them how they prayed… how they worded their prayers to God. After the looks of confusion on their faces, I ask them if they prayed like Jesus prayed? I tell them that often times we tend to pray for our will not God’s. In John 14:12, Christ Jesus says that anyone who BELIEVES in HIM will do what He has done.

Even in the disciple’s prayer, Jesus asked that God’s will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. In the garden that night so long ago, Christ asked God to please lift His coming burden of death but whatever God’s will is should be done.

The other thing is that we often times pray and don’t wait for an answer. Most times we don’t even show enough faith to expect an answer. We just tend to go through the motions, then we get upset or feel let down by God, because we tell ourselves that he wasn’t listening anyway.

God is not in the habit of ignoring our true heartfelt prayers.  He is also not in the habit of putting someone special in our lives just to take them away a few days later. God will do things sometimes to get you to look in the mirror at yourself, something we humans are not in the habit of doing ourselves.

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