Married Life

We just held a wedding here for a beautiful couple. Two truck drivers who had known each other years ago and had decided to part back then and went their separate ways. But Our Lord has put them back together again.

When Debbie and I were standing on our new porch with this wonderful couple seeing the LOVE in their eyes it was so wonderful. I have now( by the grace of God) preformed several weddings in various places around this great country. Some people tend to think that it could become mundane and repetitive, but, it never does.

I always get nervous the night before, practicing and practicing, trying to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes on this very important day in the couples lives. I know how important it is especially knowing all the nervousness that the couple is experiencing. I want to represent God well. I get so excited when a couple tells me that they want God included in their marriage.

Each and every time that I am blessed to stand there and see people so in love and excited I have to fight back the tears of joy and I always say a silent prayer asking God to bless the couple like he has Blessed My Wife and I for over thirty two wonderful years.

It never gets mundane or boring. It is a new excitement for me each and every time. I am so blessed to be able to talk with couples about Gods love for them and how he wants to and will bless their marriage if they will only do their very best to trust him and walk in his light.