Often today I hear people say that their families don’t seem  to be as close with each other as they were in earlier generations. I often hear statements like, ” Why don’t people take time to talk to each other like they used to ?” I also hear questions like,  ” Why doesn’t God bless families like He used to in earlier times?” Being a Pastor, I hear these and many more questions just like these on a regular basis, in my interactions with the people of this small ministry that God has blessed me to be a part of.

I have often tried to answer each of these questions separately. I have searched my heart and soul for the right answers and have spent many hours in scripture as well as history of other past and current civilizations. In church tomorrow night, we will cover these questions in detail, but here I will try to cover just a small part of this important subject.

God has always blessed those that have put Him and kept Him center in their lives. When we read about families that came along before us, we often read that they talked a lot and shared their lives. Even if something like maybe work caused them to be apart for periods of time, they always made a conscious effort to get back together as often as they could.  At these times they would try to put all distractions aside and spend quality time together.

When people did business with someone, they were taught to look that person in the eye and always be honest and upright in their business dealings. People say today that wireless technology is dividing us up. Someone once said that cell phones can bring us closer to family and friends that live far away but can also divide us from those who live close. This is so true but I also believe that technology can always benefit it if we use it correctly.

Way back thousands of years ago and right up until recently, families tried very hard to be close with each other even though they had just as many distractions as we do today. It seems that we as a people are letting the pleasures of this world divide us up one from another like never before in history. We seem to be making more excuses for not being close and then trying to blame God for it happening.

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What an Awesome Week it has been

This week has really been awesome for us. First: Last Sunday evening we had a lesson on Joseph from Book of Genesis and how we could imitate his life and beliefs to improve our lives. So many people have contacted me to talk about that lesson.

This last friday night Vicky( from our ministry) came all the way from Indiana so she could attend a live  play with us. It was called THE LIFE OF JESUS. It was awesome with  the animals and all. It is in south Florida bur tonight is the last show for this year. In the play we saw Jesus Baptised in the River Jordan.  Right after the play I was Blessed to accompany Vicki down from the viewing stands and Baptise her in The River Jordan right there on the set of the play.

It is always a blessing to see someone give their life to Jesus( which Vicki did on Good Friday this year) and even more of a Blessing when they get Baptised.

We will be posting pictures here on this Blog later this week for all to see. If you happen to meet our new Sister In Christ or if you already know her please congratulate her on her decision to make this wonderful journey.

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So often I hear that someone prayed for God to put something or someone into their life. And then next time I hear from them, I hear that God gave them that someone or that something then took it away. I tell them that  the God that they are describing doesn’t sound like the God that I follow. At this point, I have their undivided attention and ask them how they prayed… how they worded their prayers to God. After the looks of confusion on their faces, I ask them if they prayed like Jesus prayed? I tell them that often times we tend to pray for our will not God’s. In John 14:12, Christ Jesus says that anyone who BELIEVES in HIM will do what He has done.

Even in the disciple’s prayer, Jesus asked that God’s will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. In the garden that night so long ago, Christ asked God to please lift His coming burden of death but whatever God’s will is should be done.

The other thing is that we often times pray and don’t wait for an answer. Most times we don’t even show enough faith to expect an answer. We just tend to go through the motions, then we get upset or feel let down by God, because we tell ourselves that he wasn’t listening anyway.

God is not in the habit of ignoring our true heartfelt prayers.  He is also not in the habit of putting someone special in our lives just to take them away a few days later. God will do things sometimes to get you to look in the mirror at yourself, something we humans are not in the habit of doing ourselves.

If you feel the desire to know more, then you are always invited to join our services live simply by calling 712 432 3900, and when prompted, simply put in conference number 431167#. You will be live in church with us (not simply listening to a recording).  If you are not able to join us live. WE also have a recording number that is available twenty four hours a day and the lesson changes weekly. That number is 712 432 3903 with conference 431167#. We normally meet each Sunday evening at 8pm eastern time in the U.S.A. Until next time MAY OUR LORD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL SAFE IN HIS ARMS OF LOVE.

Married Life

We just held a wedding here for a beautiful couple. Two truck drivers who had known each other years ago and had decided to part back then and went their separate ways. But Our Lord has put them back together again.

When Debbie and I were standing on our new porch with this wonderful couple seeing the LOVE in their eyes it was so wonderful. I have now( by the grace of God) preformed several weddings in various places around this great country. Some people tend to think that it could become mundane and repetitive, but, it never does.

I always get nervous the night before, practicing and practicing, trying to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes on this very important day in the couples lives. I know how important it is especially knowing all the nervousness that the couple is experiencing. I want to represent God well. I get so excited when a couple tells me that they want God included in their marriage.

Each and every time that I am blessed to stand there and see people so in love and excited I have to fight back the tears of joy and I always say a silent prayer asking God to bless the couple like he has Blessed My Wife and I for over thirty two wonderful years.

It never gets mundane or boring. It is a new excitement for me each and every time. I am so blessed to be able to talk with couples about Gods love for them and how he wants to and will bless their marriage if they will only do their very best to trust him and walk in his light.