What is Traveling 4 Christ Ministry

We started over 14 years ago on the c.b. radio from the cab of an 18 wheeler traveling 48 states and Canada. We started this Ministry because truck drivers typically cannot pull their Big Rigs into most church parking lots to attend services. After a while a friend taught us about live phone chat rooms. We acquired one of these and then people from anywhere could call in and attend Live Church Services. God has been blessing this ministry, coming up in April for 14 years.

Many have come and then moved on to other places. Some starting successful Ministries themselves.Although we started this Ministry primarily for and by truck drivers, over the years This Ministry has Grown to include people from all walks of life. We never intended to be the Primary Home Church for Anyone( we always encourage people to attend a conventional local church whenever possible). We have been blessed to have some members worshiping with us from the very beginning, 14 years ago. We have some members who not only worship with us but also attend their home church regularily as well.

A little about us, we are a notdenominational, I did not say non denominational church as so many churches misuse that name. We welcome worshippers who name Jesus Christ as lord. We are an outreach church, carrying Christ to the world.

Our church is exciting,challenging,and provocative! We are a word church,a Worship Church, a Missionary Church but above all we are A Part of God’s Church!!!We are Baptist because we Baptize. We are Presbyterian church as we have God Called Preachers,We are Pentecostal as we ¬†experience The Holy Spirit daily. We are Quakers and sometimes Shakers because at times The Holy Spirit has shaken us right out of our Spiritual complacency!! But most of all we study how God’s word is relevant today.

Traveling 4 Christ Church is different people with different backgrounds using different gifts at different places to meet different needs, all for God’s Glory!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to learn more about Our Lord Jesus Christ, you can join us by calling in live at 8pm eastern time in the U.S. on Sunday Evenings at 712 432 3900 conference number 431167#. All are always welcome

One thought on “What is Traveling 4 Christ Ministry

  1. Being in this little Church of ours,that was started by a hand full of truckers and men and women of our most high God.The pas 14 years have been the best years of my life.So thank you to the ones that God put in charge to start out church.God bless all.

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