Random Thoughts

As a over the road driver I have more than enough time to think about things. Sometimes I have too much time to think. I also listen to satellite radio. One of the channels has a saying that I am going to borrow for this entry. The saying goes, “It’s just a thought, not a sermon.” Here are some thoughts that I have had and continue to ponder upon.

These trucks that pass by me while traveling down the road that have scriptures on them or that have a bible verse on them. Are these drivers or companies Christians? Or are they just jumping on the band wagon of Christianity because it seems to be the cool thing to do right now? Do they actually understand the scripture or verse they are advertising? Is it an actual attempt to get someone that notices it to actually pull out their Bible and look up the verse? If I were to walk up to that driver and ask him about it would he be able to talk about the scripture? Just questions I ask myself about that.

Something I still find amazing, The Living Word of God. I reference the Bible. I have read the Bible cover to cover numerous times. I feel confident in my knowledge of the word. What still amazes me is that after I have read a selection in scripture and come back to it later on. It has changed. Now this is MY bible. It is with me 24/7. No one else has access to it at all. But when I go back and read it it has changed. I get a totally different take on the scripture. It is like someone went in and rewrote it with out me knowing. I know no one actually has, I know the words are the exact same, but it hits me differently and to me it like a whole new reading of scripture. It show me that the Word IS alive and relevant in my life.

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