“You Know Better Than That”

Wednesday Bible study
Sept. 10,2014

When was the last time we heard someone say to in disappointment “You know better than that.”? And how many times a day do we give our God a reason to say it?
There are times when we as our God’s children that make mistakes. However when this happens it not the end of the matter. God is a very forgiving parent when we repent and ask forgiveness for these mistakes. He also provides the means to keep them from happening. In 2 Peter 1:3-11 we find some guides and principles to apply to our lives that will keep us from making these mistakes over and over again.
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Created in Gods Image

Our Bible tells us that we are all created in God’s own image. Quite a profound statement. I often sit for long period of time and reflect on just this very statement. Since, I am what some may call a people watcher. In this, I am saying that I like to study people wherever I go. It is fascinating to see that no two people are alike yet we are all created in Gods Own Image.

When I say I study people, I am just saying that I am amazed at how different every person on earth looks and acts. Each and everyone of us is unique and there is no one on earth just like us. I agree there are some that might be remotely similar but not just like you or me. Yet each and everyone of us is made in God’s Own Image.

All of this leads me to wonder what God will look like when someday in the future we see Him in person,in Heaven. All pictures that we see shows him as an older man with long hair and a beard. Yet I don’t have long hair and a beard! My wife doesn’t have long hair and a beard. All this leads me to ponder on what will God look like when we get there?