Trials of Being a Pastor

Being a Pastor can be the most rewarding job a person could ever be asked to preform. And at times it can be the most challenging. Which ever it is on any given day I continuously thank God for asking me to do it.

In my walk as a Pastor of a small grass roots ministry that God gave us almost 14 years ago, I have experienced extreme highs and at times extreme lows. I so much enjoy teaching people about Gods word. At first I would get frustrated, like so many Christians, when I seemingly could not get people to listen. God kept telling me to continue trying. God reminded me,and still does, that even his Son didn’t win them all.I fondly look back to my very first sermon. It was in a nursing home that my late stepmother was living in. I had so carefully written all my notes and had tried to memorize them like I had heard that all good preachers do.

Boy, was I wrong!!!! As I was getting ready to start, I walked out into the hall way, out of sight and asked God to guide my words. As I came back in and began to speak, I noticed something that I had missed earlier due to my nervousness. The miracle that God had already preformed that day! My Mother and My Stepmother sitting side by side anxious to see their son deliver his first Sermon for God. You see, they had been enemies for years yet here they sat in total peace talking to each other like old friends might do that had not seen each other for years.

One of my school teachers that I had been taught by years earlier in high school was also there. My mother and stepmother both told me later and at different times that I had been totally pale in the face before I went out into the hall to pray, but when I came back into the room that I seemed totally at peace and continued to deliver(with God’s direction) probably the best Sermon that ever came out of my mouth even in all these  thirteen plus years! Today people are fond of saying that when it comes to talking about God that you can’t shut me up.

You see, most of you like me, want to believe that God can and will do anything to help those that believe on him. But, we somehow never really make that final leap of trust.We tell ourselves that we believe but when it comes down to the final test, we as humans tend to pull back. On that day so long ago, God answered a prayer for me that I had prayed since I was a little boy. I had wanted my two families to quit arguing and fighting and dragging me into the middle of those arguments.

I had been told since I was very small that someday I would be a Minister for our Lord but I just couldn’t see how that would ever work with so much fighting and arguing going on in my life. On that day in that nursing home in Athens,Texas, God changed my life forever.Whenever he showed me that miracle, when he opened my eyes to His awesome power. I have never looked back.  Does this mean that I believe I am perfect? Not by any means. I am a work in progress. God told me to simply read the scriptures as He would reveal them to me and together we will reach hearts and mines together.

In all these years I constantly look back to that day, so long ago whenever I am having hard times in my life. I am constantly in awe at how God changes lives daily. In this ministry we have seen so many people come and go. Most times we never know in what way we might have touched someones life, or if we even did, but, God knows and this is what matters most. In some I get to see dramatic changes in a persons life. I think God must know that even a dedicated Pastor sometimes needs encouragement.

When you put your heart and soul into trying to help someone in their attempts to understand The Story of Christ and how your life can change for the better.You never give up,no matter how hard it seems at times.As a teacher and human yourself, you ask God for patience and endurance to keep trying. You ask God, is this ever going to work? What else can I do? God says stay true to our scriptures and keep trying, after all was patient with you. You wonder is this person really listening? You wonder why do they keep coming back over and over?

I have spoken with many Pastors and they have all had a person like I have been describing here. It is all part of reaching out to a troubled world. It is all in Gods Plan for His people. Then that day happens… this person comes up to you and says thank you pastor for being patient with me, thanks for not giving up on me. I think I have it now…. that person begins telling you just about every sermon and lesson they ever heard you teach! They get it! WOW!!! God has just reminded you of how patient and loving He is with each and everyone of us. If we are truly living a Godly life, we are not perfect and we will ask questions and we will call out to God with things like WHY ME LORD? It is in these times that God shines thru us. He simply wants us to accept him as our everything, our protector and Savior.

There I go preaching again. I just can’t help it. Especially when I slow down and reflect on how God allows me to be just a little part of someones life changing walk with God!!! All the hard work and determination and crying out to God and then God shows you His Love in Action.

This Pastor is going to quit rambling on and get back to praying and getting ready to preach a sermon on Christ’s Crucifixion this coming Sunday evening at 8pm eastern time. If you would ever like to join us live you can simply call in at 712 432 3900 and when prompted just type in conference number 4311673. You will be in a phone conference room with other believers from all over America. you will be able to talk and fellowship not just listen. Until then May Our God Bless and Keep you all.




2 thoughts on “Trials of Being a Pastor

  1. To all who reads todays blog,this is a true story,i send this with my own eyes.Pastor Bobs little brother.Pastor Bob has been teaching me for years about the walk with our Lord Christ JESUS.Being or becoming a pastor is not a easy job,i know from this from all the hard work that ive done myself on becoming a pastor,i fight with the devil each day of my life its just not easy,but I very happy to be where iam in my life.If it was not for Pastor Bob and my Sister in law I can honestly say I don’t know where id be today.So if your having hard times or down falls in life go to a quite place shut the door and have a long talk with GOD.

  2. Well what a for an inspiring testimony from this individual that calls himself hey Pastor, let me add to this testimony and give a testimony from me about a Pastor I know. This password must be very similar to the pastor that you’re writing about, I had this Pastor one day take me into his little congregation,Preformed a very nice sermon, and if I call it right I believe it was about forgiveness oh my did I have a problem with this. So I thought here we go again I get to argue with another Pastor, to my surprise this Pastor wouldn’t argue, instead this Pastor proceeded to show me first out of the Bible, and then ask me to read the verses to him. We had small talk and the pastor explained it’s not the pastor telling me to forgive you’re reading it yourself out of the Bible it’s got Jeezy that wants you to forgive others opened up my eyes 7 years ago. I know I’ve told the pastor thank you but honestly from my heart thank you I love you and I’m sure this Pastor has a crown waiting for him

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