When my time comes to die, I can only hope to be half the man that Peter was. When he knew he was going to be executed, he was still writing and teaching people about Christ Jesus. Right up to the last minutes of his life, Peter was still trying to help people in general turn their lives around and accept Christ in their lives.

He was still teaching things like KEEP GROWING IN THE FAITH, like keep studying God’s Word and building knowledge, like keep practicing Brotherly Love, like caring for each other and being in fellowship with one another as often as possible.  Also, like Jesus taught, we should continuously come together in His name and boost each other up.

Peter was still teaching about False Teachers and False Preachers.  You see, there were false teachers and false religions back then as well. Peter was warning us to always check out what teachers tell you. In our ministry, we always challenge you to go and read your Bible after our services to make sure we are teaching the truth.

A lot of these false teachers, as well as atheists and many other people, will try to tell you that Christ isn’t coming back, because if he was coming back, then he would have already come back. The truth of this matter according to our BIBLE is that God doesn’t want to lose even one of us, and for this reason he is being very patient. Christ said that even he doesn’t know the day of his return, that only God knows.

Can you imagine a person who is about to be executed thinking of others instead of himself? Today  we call these people HEROES!!!! Yet, we are finding these heroes in those little short books in the back of our New Testament where you hardly ever hear most preachers and teachers teach from.

I don’t know about you but I believe that these are good, no, GREAT LESSONS for us today as well as they were way back there two thousand years ago.

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One thought on “LAST WORDS OF PETER

  1. I thought I would just throw this out there, but if this is the same Peter that denied Jesus 3 times, shows that we can make mistakes and redeem our mistakes. I guess he went from trying to save himself to trying to save everyone else

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