Book of Philemon

Such a small insignificant book. Stuck in amongst so many other more significant books. Books with so much more action and significance. I always thought it was too. After all you hardly, if ever, hear a preacher talk about this little tiny book. It is after all ,just about a runaway slave. Who really cares about that?

When I was doing my research for this weeks lesson, I learned so very much about this little obscure book. I discovered that this book is considered by many experts the foremost important book on slavery ever written. We can and should apply so many princilpes that Paul used in this book to our everyday lives.

Both Roman and Mosaic Law allowed for a runaway slave to be punished. As we read the letter that Paul wrote to Philemon asking him to accept the slave Onesimus back without punishing him, Paul never said that slavery might be wrong. He simply reminded Philemon that he was not only a Belierver in Christ, but a Local Church Leader as well and should be setting an example for other Believers thus erasing the line between Master and Slave since Onesimus is now a believer in Christ as well.

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