Tonight we are in the book of HEBREWS. Another short but oh so important book. Many people never read the short books in the later part of our New Testament. Most people read the four gospels and the book of acts then pretty much skip to revelations then get confused and scared and then close their bibles until next church service.

Even though a lot of so called experts spend a lot of time debating the authorship of OUR Book of Hebrews, we know it was a sermon by a church leader, such as a pastor. We also know that it goes into great detail in explaining that Gods Covenant with Abraham is essentially over in that JESUS CHRIST not only brings the new covenant but is in fact THE NEW COVENANT  BETWEEN GOD AND MANKIND! No more animal sacrifices,in that Jesus Christ will be the ultimate sacrifice for all our sins here on earth.

This really shook up the established religion of the time even though for hundreds of years their own prophets had foretold of the coming of this very Messiah. They got so mad that they even killed the christian church leader of Jerusalem with a sword who just happened Jesus’ very own earthly brother James!

They didn’t want to believe that this lowly poor carpenter could in anyway be higher in Gods Kingdom than their own Moses, and especially not higher than the angels from heaven! This was a poor carpenters son from lowly backwater Bethlehem!! Certainly the prophesied Messiah from God on High would at the very least from Royal Blood!

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