I am sure thst I am like most everyone else that is teading this blog, in that in my quest to find a church to belong to. I have heard so many different variations of whay God must think of me.

I have been told that after I accepted God as my Savior then I must wait until there are enough people to warrant filling a Baptismal tank before I could be baptised and then even longer to receive the Holy Spirit.

I have been told that I am the lowest of the low in Gods Heirachy even after I am saved.I have even been told that after I learn righteousness then my prayers will be more powerful. I have even been told that I need a Priest,Preacher or some Elder to pray for me so God will listen to me praying.

Well there are so many stories out there, but you wont ever know the truth until you read the scriptures for yourself.

We invite everyone to come in to join us tonight to explore the scriptures to discover what God really says about us.

You can join us from wherever you might be at 8pm central time in the U.S. by simply dialing 712 432 3900 on your phone and when prompted just put in 431167# and you will be in a live church service and you can participate, not just listen.

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