Come Together at Every Opportunity

We always are being told to go to church as often as we can to worship Christ Together. This is is what we really need to be doing, however what about during the other times when church doors are not open ? I have often heard people say that “I am so glad for midweek services for it helps me to stay on the right path until Sunday church happens again”

I was reading in the book of Hebrews chapter 3 verses 12-15 where it says to keep your heart pure and sin free.Encourage each other DAILY, not just Wednesdays and Sundays.  Our school r pictures say if you share God’s words daily with each other you can stay pure and clean of heart. In Hebrews chapter 10 verses 24-25 it says consider how we can spur one another on totoward love and good deeds.Let us not give up meeting together as some do. In other words we should looking for ways to witness to each other on a daily basis.

I accomplish this by speaking to at least one of our congregation daily,and sometimes to several of you daily. I also witness to as many other people as possible on a daily basis, if it is nothing else but to say God Bless You. You may be surprised what those three little words can do to pick up someone’s day. Even more surprised as to how much it can pick up your day and remind you about God. Once someone’s mind is on God,it seems so hard to get their mind off God and once our mind is on God things tend to get better as God is everything that is good and righteous! For the more we keep our minds on God the harder it is for Satan to twist our thinking to bad things.

So you see we need to concentrate on witnessing to and reminding each other abou. God each and everyday not just twice a week for in Revelations chapter 3 verse 20 we are told that our lords stands outside the door and knocks and anyone who hears and opens the door, our Lord will come in and eat with them. How can we be hear him if we are not keeping our mind on him daily? And if we are doing what he asks we should be reminding each other daily to keep our hearts and minds centered on Our Lord.

In Philippians chapter 2 verse 16 we are told to hold firmly to the word of life. Another reminder to dwell on Our Lord everyday.   May God Bless Each and Everyone of Thai and Everyday as you go thru each days trials and tribulations.

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