With so many so called churches in this old world with so many different versions of the same basic message. I believe this is why so many people don’t attend regular(or maybe not any) gatherings of Christians. With each church,denomination,group,Christian,orthodox Christian,catholic,jewish,Russian orthodox,greek orthodox and so many,many more,too numerous to name, HOW DOES ONE KNOW WHICH IS RIGHT?

Yesterday I was blessed to spend some wonderfully blessed time with another Christian right here in my front yard. We had about 2 hours before he had to leave and go back to work and we just sat in my front yard discussing this very subject. He said even someone who grew up in one denomination believing one way can get so confused today. He said that he had always been taught that the man of the house is the spiritual leader of his family. But, with all the hoopla in the world today even the most dedicated Christian might(, at least for a brief second question their belief).

I told him this is what satan wants to happen and what some people want you to do. I refered him to 1 Corinthians chapter 1 where paul says in verse 10, that we should not divide up but be perfectly united in mind and thought. Paul is saying that there is only one Christ and we should strive to stay united in the one Christ.

Before I make a lot of people mad with why I believe there are so many different versions of the same original story of salvation, I am moving on to how a person can find the true original story of Gods gift of salvation in these CONFUSING TIMES. For many, many generations people of this world have relied heavily on a few people to tell us the stories supposedly in our bible. We have been told that the stories are simple only if we listen to other people. Also we are heavily influenced by theatrical movies and fictional books and stories written about and around bible stories but because we are programmed to repeat bible stories the way someone LEAREND told them to us, when we do sit down to read our bibles, we read it as we have heard them all of our lives. For example when we hear the story of moses and the pharaoh most Christians would tell you that moses told the pharaoh because we see this in the movies and always hear it in church,when in fact if we read the bible as it is written instead of the way we have heard these stories all our life, we find that moses argued with GOD because Moses had a speech impediment and God sent aaron to speak.

This only one example,another is the three wisemen at jesus birth the bible does not say that there were three wisemen and it doesn’t say they were at the birth of our lord. However we accept these incorrect stories because we have been told these things so long and we have never been taught to free our minds and read our bible the way it is written. If anyone would try to read it without all the outside influences of everyone else and simply open your bible and ask God to open up his scriptures to you, you will be amazed at what happens.  In our ministry we always teach that youshould never simply take  any persons word but read Gods scriptures for your self.. Try it today,It will change your life.

May God bless each and one of you today and always.

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