Unconditional submission to our Lord

In Luke 1:26-38 we read about the angel’s visit to Mary and her response.
Now it is one thing to se a person suddenly appear in the room with her, but
it is another to agree to what he was saying to her. It was so unheard of that
it was almost laughable yet Mary did not laugh.
The angel was saying to her that in the near future she would become pregnant.
She asked him how can this see that I have not been with a man? The angel says “the Holy Spirit
will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.” The went on to tell
Mary about Elisabeth Mary’s cousin who was going to have a son “in her old age” so this likely
gave cause for her to take what he said seriously.
This sets the stage for us to look at Mary’s response. She said “I am the Lord’s servant,
may your word to me be fulfilled.” Totally unheard of yet she accepts unconditionally. Not to
mention the social stigma for an unwed girl to be found pregnant and explain to mom and but the
law of the time was she could have taken outside town and stone to death. Yet she set aside all
these concerns and just accepts the word of the angel.
Now I share this passage to ask what is our response to our God’s word to us? Do we apply
unconditional submission or do we hold back in reserve? How much closer to God would we be if
we would not hold back but would totally submit to Him?

Next clue: “A foreign country will carry away the mother load.”

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