It is the most wonderful time of year for most of us and a truly worrisome time of year for others. It is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Our Savior.  With so many things going on in this old world and so much media covering so much of it, it is easy for us to lose our way. So easy to get depressed and forget the true meaning of this season. So many people trying to remove nativity scenes from community areas and removing the 10 commandments from public buildings. We tend to get defensive about all these and nowadays we seem to find ourselves as Christians defending our faith just about every day. When I talk to folks most of them are so upset about how Christians are being treated right here in our own country much less around the world.

Folks are always coming up and asking me  why I am not as mad as they are about all this. The fact is that I am but I try to address it all in a different way. When I read my holy bible it gives me all the instructions to have peace in my heart no matter what may happen in this world. It also tells me that instead of always saying somebody should change this or that or should help feed the hungry or just be a friend to someone who is having problems or someone just might need someone to listen to them and be close by to comfort them sometimes I am that somebody.

You see our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth to dwell among us for that very reason.He went among the poor and downtrodden and gave them comfort. He helped those in need and still does. The scriptures tell me that I should do my very best to emulate Christ in every way. Not to sit back and gripe and complain. Not to sit back in my comfortable house and say somebody should do something.  Not to sit back and say no one of us can fix the government. Not to sit and say the world is beyond saving.

We can change so much so easily by simply doing a few changes in our selves. How about we each have a nativity scene in our front yards, how about we wear a t shirt or cap with the 10 commandments on it, that way we don’t have to worry about if it is displayed on some building somewhere? Why don’t we each volunteer in our community at least once a month, if only for 1 hour a month? Why don’t we try to stop complaining so much and try smiling a little? After all we say that God blesses us each day, then why don’t we try acting like it? lots of this worlds problems would begin to change if only Christians started trying a little more like Christ each day. I don’t mean to sound like I am ranting just answering some questions as to how we can keep Christ in Christmas.

All of you are invited to join in our live church service tonight.All you need to do is  at 8pm eastern time or 7pm central time tonight call 712 432 3900 and when prompted just enter conference code 431167#. We are always glad and blessed to have guests.

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