Tonight we will learn how to get closer to God. This subject comes up on a more regular basis these past few years than it did for a very long time. It seems that the old adage that says people in need eventually seek out God. I truly wish more would simply choose God before they are so far down, but I was the same way long ago.

Tonight we are going to use a giant furnace blaze from our old testament to show how we can get closer and stay closer to God and not only that we will show how awesome things God has done and will do for us when we stay close with him.

If you want to learn more and enjoy being a part of a truly live and interactive church from wherever you might be tonight simply call in at 712 432 3900. when prompted simply put in 431167#. We have been meeting for 11 years now and God blesses people thru this ministry constantly. It is a little different than the norm having church services the way God has given us to do, but once you take a chance and try us out you may be surprised. We say Christ was very unconditional at the time he walked on the earth as a man and he said that the church is the body of believers. Today many people regard the building as the church. We always welcome everyone and we pray that God blesses you and your family today and everyday.

please feel free to leave comments as we personally answer all.

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