I was praying today about the message God wanted me to deliver tonight, and he told me it is about time to say thank you to people who hold this ministry up. Now , in no way are we ending this ministry! Tonight is just a very heartfelt thank you to many people who have been part of this ministry,some for a very long time, some not so long, some just discovering us recently.

Earlier today  I watched a video on you tube that was made by a young man by the name of Ben Breedlove. Ben was quite a young man who, when born was found to have a very serious heart condition. If any of you can access you tube videos please watch this video. It has already been  viewed over ten million times. And no it was not made to make money but to help people like you and I. if you cant find it then you can chek glen beck tv. You will find it there where I found it.

You see I have been praying and reading scripture and studying for an answer as to what I should speak on tonight and as usual God has delivered right on time. I really don’t want to say more on here as I haven’t brought tonights message  to our live service as yet. If you would like to hear it live,you all are always very welcome to join our live service. Simply telephone number 712 432 3900  a recording will ask for your conference number simply punch in 4311673#. you will be able to join us live not just listen in,unless you just want to listen and not talk. you still are most welcome. Our live services are at 8pm eastern(u.s.)Wednesday and sunday nights. You are also most welcome to leave comments or prayer requests when you visit this blog. May God Bles You All


  1. We who have programs should be thankful to those who read or hear what we have to say. The bible says we are to bring the message to all the people.

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