So many bad things going on in the world today. How do we sort out the ones that we should worry less about and the ones we should worry more about? Some are always more than others! RIGHT? I mean not all these things we see on the news are equal in severity. RIGHT? One thing that I do know is that if you watch the news shows on television or listen to them on the radio, however you get your news, the broadcasts hardly if ever tell good news. Certain people believe they can control the population with fear and keeping them in the dark about all the good things that are really happening in this God created world we live in. Do I sound political? Absolutely not. Actually I am the exact polar opposite, as so many people say today. I am a simple,humble Christian man.

Almost daily I am told in one form or another that I have mental problems or I for some insane reason or other just don’t get the picture of how bad it is in this world today.  I just listen to these people and ask them where in their bible found all the things that they say I am missing. Most tell me they heard it somewhere or the other but never mention our bible.You see that is how most people today have learned to live like they do. They were told by someone and without ever really realizing it they got most of it from news shows or movies and television. Sadly most people seldom or never read the holy scriptures that God inspired men to write down for us all those years ago. In tonights service I will be talking more about the severity of crisis in your life. To hear more about what you don’t have to worry about join us at 8pm eastern time(u.s.)  simply telephone in at 712 432 3900 and when you are prompted by the short recording just enter conference number 431167#. you wont be just listening to a live church service but you can actually join in with us. May God Bless You All


  1. thank you for putting the recent news events in perspective for us all. Yes, we do need to have concerns about certain issues that require us to take a stand; but once you give it to God in faith, then let go of it and let Him have it. Continue to walk in faith and believe in faith and trust in faith! God be with you all as you resist the devil’s pull on you to drag you down and reach for the hands of our Lord ready and reaching for you to LIFT you UP! I love you all and you are in my prayers always…..

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