Blessings from OUR LORD

This week has sure been eventful. In so many ways our lord Jesus Christ has manifested himself thru the people of this ministry. We pastors each and every week do our very best to speak with or at least make contact with as many members of our ministries or churches as we can. We do this in hopes that we are teaching or explaining lessons about our Lord from our Bible in such a way that folks can not only understand but grab ahold and apply these lessons and examples to their individual lives. When they can do this they not only help themselves but all the people around them.(family,friends,etc.)

We pray for each and every member of our congregations every day,sometimes many times a day. And,sometimes our Lord and Savior just blows our minds by showing his presence and blessings to us pastors thru the members in our congregations like happened in our congregation this last two weeks. Each time I think about all that has happened this past two weeks in our ministry as well as blessings that have happened in other peoples lives as well my eyes tear up and I get so choked up that I have a very hard time speaking. I pray only that Our Lord will clear this lump in my throat tonight long enough for me to tell the story he wants me to tell.

If you want to learn more simply call 712 432 3900 tonight at 8pm eastern or 7pm central time(u.s.) and when prompted simply enter conference number 431167# and you can participate in a live church service with other Christians. You are always welcome in Gods services.

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