prayer requests november 5,2014

When you say your prayers please these people in your prayers.These prayer requests and praise reports were brought  up in our church service tonight. Jodi Michele York for medical issues, Shepherd Johnson and his congregation for a new church bulding, John Quevas and friends who were burned in an oil well fire recently,Pam Myers for health issues,miss white for stroke today, Pam (another Pam) for problems with her foster children, Shelby White medical issues, Pastor Doug and wife Julie for Dougs continued healing from brain surgery. And always please keep out military and their families and our emergency workers and medical personnel. Thank you all and May God Bless You All


Tonight Brother Andrew brought us a message from Mark chapter 13. In this chapter we are told that our Messiah will someday come back to us but in the meantime many will come saying that they are the messiah. But if you have to be told that someone is our Christ then he is not the right one. When Christ comes back scripture says everyone will see Christ at one time. Before this happens lots of things must happen first. There will be great afflictions and wars and great challenges. No one but God himself knows when he will send Christ back to gather his followers together. When the scripture says to not get caught sleeping he does not mean physical sleeping. it means spiritual asleep, in other words be always vigilant that you are studying the scriptures, praying and being ready. People sometimes worry so much about what day it will happen that they fail to prepare themselves. They wander so far away from the message