I Am Redeemed

In todays world we find so many challenges to get us down. To get us to wondering how we are going to make it thru today much less make it until or thru tomorrow. We may have medical challenges, maybe money challenges, maybe challenges at work or maybe even challenges within our own families. We read our bibles and understand that it says God is in control and he says that he will make everything better. But life still seems so lonely and hard. Not moving at a pace we want it moving at. Even when things begin going our way maybe they aren’t moving at the pace we want them to move at and we get depressed. Yes this happens to pastors too. After all we are human too.

We turn to scriptures and song too. I read how God redeemed us by loving us so much he sent his only son to redeem us with his love and his blood on the cross. Every time I read the old,old story of how God loves us so much to send his very best and how he forgives all the bad we have done in our past and helps to start a new life clean and pure. How he gives us life, not only life but wonderful life for all eternity with him! Well, about this time I start to feel better, no not better but lots and lots better and my step quickens and my heart skips a beat when I am reminded how much someone loves me! Not just someone but our creator himself!

If you want to learn more, you are invited to call in live tonight at 8pm eastern time(u.s.) by telephoning 712 432 3900 ND WHEN YOU ARE ASKED FOR A CONFERENCE NUMBER SIMPLY PUT IN 431167#. YOU WILL BE IN A LIVE CHURCH SERVICE WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS LIKE YOURSELF. You wont be simply listening in you can also talk to everyone just like any other service or you can simply listen if you want.In any case you are always welcome.We have been doing this for 11 years now.

In our drawing for a family Christian movie this month all you need do is to gather the following clues and search the scriptures in your bible and when you find this person simply leave a comment right here on this blog and we will enter your name in the drawing. at the last service of this month we will have a drawing and award a wonderful Christian movie. clue s 1. this man is in the new testament 2. he said we should all agree 3. he was born in Cilicia.  There will be an additional clue each service this month

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