Tonight we will learn how to get closer to God. This subject comes up on a more regular basis these past few years than it did for a very long time. It seems that the old adage that says people in need eventually seek out God. I truly wish more would simply choose God before they are so far down, but I was the same way long ago.

Tonight we are going to use a giant furnace blaze from our old testament to show how we can get closer and stay closer to God and not only that we will show how awesome things God has done and will do for us when we stay close with him.

If you want to learn more and enjoy being a part of a truly live and interactive church from wherever you might be tonight simply call in at 712 432 3900. when prompted simply put in 431167#. We have been meeting for 11 years now and God blesses people thru this ministry constantly. It is a little different than the norm having church services the way God has given us to do, but once you take a chance and try us out you may be surprised. We say Christ was very unconditional at the time he walked on the earth as a man and he said that the church is the body of believers. Today many people regard the building as the church. We always welcome everyone and we pray that God blesses you and your family today and everyday.

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I was praying today about the message God wanted me to deliver tonight, and he told me it is about time to say thank you to people who hold this ministry up. Now , in no way are we ending this ministry! Tonight is just a very heartfelt thank you to many people who have been part of this ministry,some for a very long time, some not so long, some just discovering us recently.

Earlier today  I watched a video on you tube that was made by a young man by the name of Ben Breedlove. Ben was quite a young man who, when born was found to have a very serious heart condition. If any of you can access you tube videos please watch this video. It has already been  viewed over ten million times. And no it was not made to make money but to help people like you and I. if you cant find it then you can chek glen beck tv. You will find it there where I found it.

You see I have been praying and reading scripture and studying for an answer as to what I should speak on tonight and as usual God has delivered right on time. I really don’t want to say more on here as I haven’t brought tonights message  to our live service as yet. If you would like to hear it live,you all are always very welcome to join our live service. Simply telephone number 712 432 3900  a recording will ask for your conference number simply punch in 4311673#. you will be able to join us live not just listen in,unless you just want to listen and not talk. you still are most welcome. Our live services are at 8pm eastern(u.s.)Wednesday and sunday nights. You are also most welcome to leave comments or prayer requests when you visit this blog. May God Bles You All


So many bad things going on in the world today. How do we sort out the ones that we should worry less about and the ones we should worry more about? Some are always more than others! RIGHT? I mean not all these things we see on the news are equal in severity. RIGHT? One thing that I do know is that if you watch the news shows on television or listen to them on the radio, however you get your news, the broadcasts hardly if ever tell good news. Certain people believe they can control the population with fear and keeping them in the dark about all the good things that are really happening in this God created world we live in. Do I sound political? Absolutely not. Actually I am the exact polar opposite, as so many people say today. I am a simple,humble Christian man.

Almost daily I am told in one form or another that I have mental problems or I for some insane reason or other just don’t get the picture of how bad it is in this world today.  I just listen to these people and ask them where in their bible found all the things that they say I am missing. Most tell me they heard it somewhere or the other but never mention our bible.You see that is how most people today have learned to live like they do. They were told by someone and without ever really realizing it they got most of it from news shows or movies and television. Sadly most people seldom or never read the holy scriptures that God inspired men to write down for us all those years ago. In tonights service I will be talking more about the severity of crisis in your life. To hear more about what you don’t have to worry about join us at 8pm eastern time(u.s.)  simply telephone in at 712 432 3900 and when you are prompted by the short recording just enter conference number 431167#. you wont be just listening to a live church service but you can actually join in with us. May God Bless You All


It is that time of year again that we see so many people depressed from being alone or just very poor. We should try to help these people every day but these holidays are especially hard. Every where we look we see happy people and lots of sales advertising telling us we should be spending loads of money that we probably cant afford. It can be very depressing for many underprivelaged folks and even our military long ways away from home as well as our emergency personnel working for our safety on holidays. I am just reminding each and everyone to remember someone this holiday that maybe you haven’t thought about lately. We can help in our local communities or maybe you have someone in your own family that might appreciate something as simple as a phone call. Maybe that someone in your life that your relationship is tenious at best, a simple word or gesture could fix things.I will be posting some addresses of national places that you might want to help. Some take only a $1 card from your local dollar store. this simple jesture could lift their spirits so very much. I will be posting these regular thru out this season of healing and giving. The first I would like to highlight is the following. A simple thank you card could do so very much for a recovering veteran. you may never hear back from them in writing but rest assured your card will be greatly appreciated. the address is as follows:  A recovering American soldier  c/o walter reed army med ctr     6900 Georgia ave.  n.w. Washington,dc 20307-5001

Blessings from OUR LORD

This week has sure been eventful. In so many ways our lord Jesus Christ has manifested himself thru the people of this ministry. We pastors each and every week do our very best to speak with or at least make contact with as many members of our ministries or churches as we can. We do this in hopes that we are teaching or explaining lessons about our Lord from our Bible in such a way that folks can not only understand but grab ahold and apply these lessons and examples to their individual lives. When they can do this they not only help themselves but all the people around them.(family,friends,etc.)

We pray for each and every member of our congregations every day,sometimes many times a day. And,sometimes our Lord and Savior just blows our minds by showing his presence and blessings to us pastors thru the members in our congregations like happened in our congregation this last two weeks. Each time I think about all that has happened this past two weeks in our ministry as well as blessings that have happened in other peoples lives as well my eyes tear up and I get so choked up that I have a very hard time speaking. I pray only that Our Lord will clear this lump in my throat tonight long enough for me to tell the story he wants me to tell.

If you want to learn more simply call 712 432 3900 tonight at 8pm eastern or 7pm central time(u.s.) and when prompted simply enter conference number 431167# and you can participate in a live church service with other Christians. You are always welcome in Gods services.

prayer requests november 5,2014

When you say your prayers please these people in your prayers.These prayer requests and praise reports were brought  up in our church service tonight. Jodi Michele York for medical issues, Shepherd Johnson and his congregation for a new church bulding, John Quevas and friends who were burned in an oil well fire recently,Pam Myers for health issues,miss white for stroke today, Pam (another Pam) for problems with her foster children, Shelby White medical issues, Pastor Doug and wife Julie for Dougs continued healing from brain surgery. And always please keep out military and their families and our emergency workers and medical personnel. Thank you all and May God Bless You All


Tonight Brother Andrew brought us a message from Mark chapter 13. In this chapter we are told that our Messiah will someday come back to us but in the meantime many will come saying that they are the messiah. But if you have to be told that someone is our Christ then he is not the right one. When Christ comes back scripture says everyone will see Christ at one time. Before this happens lots of things must happen first. There will be great afflictions and wars and great challenges. No one but God himself knows when he will send Christ back to gather his followers together. When the scripture says to not get caught sleeping he does not mean physical sleeping. it means spiritual asleep, in other words be always vigilant that you are studying the scriptures, praying and being ready. People sometimes worry so much about what day it will happen that they fail to prepare themselves. They wander so far away from the message

I Am Redeemed

In todays world we find so many challenges to get us down. To get us to wondering how we are going to make it thru today much less make it until or thru tomorrow. We may have medical challenges, maybe money challenges, maybe challenges at work or maybe even challenges within our own families. We read our bibles and understand that it says God is in control and he says that he will make everything better. But life still seems so lonely and hard. Not moving at a pace we want it moving at. Even when things begin going our way maybe they aren’t moving at the pace we want them to move at and we get depressed. Yes this happens to pastors too. After all we are human too.

We turn to scriptures and song too. I read how God redeemed us by loving us so much he sent his only son to redeem us with his love and his blood on the cross. Every time I read the old,old story of how God loves us so much to send his very best and how he forgives all the bad we have done in our past and helps to start a new life clean and pure. How he gives us life, not only life but wonderful life for all eternity with him! Well, about this time I start to feel better, no not better but lots and lots better and my step quickens and my heart skips a beat when I am reminded how much someone loves me! Not just someone but our creator himself!

If you want to learn more, you are invited to call in live tonight at 8pm eastern time(u.s.) by telephoning 712 432 3900 ND WHEN YOU ARE ASKED FOR A CONFERENCE NUMBER SIMPLY PUT IN 431167#. YOU WILL BE IN A LIVE CHURCH SERVICE WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS LIKE YOURSELF. You wont be simply listening in you can also talk to everyone just like any other service or you can simply listen if you want.In any case you are always welcome.We have been doing this for 11 years now.

In our drawing for a family Christian movie this month all you need do is to gather the following clues and search the scriptures in your bible and when you find this person simply leave a comment right here on this blog and we will enter your name in the drawing. at the last service of this month we will have a drawing and award a wonderful Christian movie. clue s 1. this man is in the new testament 2. he said we should all agree 3. he was born in Cilicia.  There will be an additional clue each service this month