ministry update

Exciting news!  Two more people have just last night gotten their names in our drawing for a great Christian movie this month! All you have to do is use the following clues and soon as you get the answer you simply email me at and I will put your name in. we will have the drawing on October 29,14.  1.her warlike song of praise is considered one of the earliest poems in the bible. 2. Israel asked her to lead them. 3.she was the first female judge 4.she was the 4th judge of Israel 5. she lived in Ephraim 6. her translated name means BEE.

YOU ARE ALWAYS INVITED TO JOIN OUR SERVICE LIVE ON WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHTS. You simply call(in the us) 712 432 3900 and enter the conference number 431167#. you wont simply be listening but you will be able to participate with other Christians. We have services at 7pm central time or 8pm eastern time.

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