ministry update

Well been really busy lately around this little ministry. As any of you who calling into our live services know already our associate pastor Doug Mountjoy is in the hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma . Where last Thursday doctors(with Gods help)removed a tumor from dougs brain. Pastor Doug is doing great in fact I just heard that  a few hours ago he (with assistance) stood up beside his bed. Then he sat in a chair there in his hospital room. Praise God!!!! We believe the scriptures in our bible where we are instructed to not only ask for help but to fully expect God to answer us and he sure is answering lots of prayers with our brother Doug.We thank all of you for all your continuing prayers for Doug and his family,especially for his wonderful wife Julie. as she is right there by his side all the way.

Also thanks to all the ministers who are giving of their time( after carrying out their duties at their churches) have been filling in  by bringing  Gods word to us on Wednesday and Sunday nights during this tumultuous time in which Pastor Doug cant be doing it ourselves.

Question of the month for October 2014: We only have two people who have gotten the answer to our question of this month so far, so here are the current clues up thru tonight : 1.her warlike song of praise to God is considered one of the earliest poems in our bible. 2. Israel asked her to lead them for a shortwhile. 3. She is the first female judge. 4. She is israels 4th judge. 5. She lived in Ephraim.  Well, that is all for tonight. Hope everyone gets the answers and learns something new or relearns something old. If you get the answer either text me if you have my phone number or email me at Almost forgot, if you get the answer your name goes in a drawing for a great Christian family movie called MERCY RULE.

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