I Trouble

Tonight we just finished our live service and were blessed to have our good friend and brother in Christ pastor joe from Lakeland,fl. deliver our message for us. He reminded us that we all at some point in our lives tend to start paying more attention to ourselves than we pay to our lord and savior jesus Christ. Even Lucifer who is described in our bible as once being the most beautiful,most anointed angel in heaven began thinking that with all his beauty he could take over heaven. As we have said many times in our lessons that we need to get out of Gods way and quit trying to fix ourselves or quit trying to hold ourselves higher than Jesus because when we do we are only interrupting divine intervention. We need to daily read our bibles and daily have a one on one conversation with our lord and savior because it is in our naturally sinful nature to put ourselves first and not honor our lord and savior,Jesus Christ. Brother Joe referred to the following scriptures Isiah 14:12-15,Ezekiel 28:12-14, 1 Peter 5:8, Galations 2:17-21, Psalms 119:11, Genesis 39:11, 1 Corinthians 10:12-13. Anytime you would like to join us live for a live interactive church service from wherever you are it is so easy. On wed & sunday nights at 8 pm eastern time in the u.s. you simply telephone 712 432 3900 and the recording will ask for a conference number you simply put in 431167# and you will be in live with other Christians. God Bless You All.

Tonights prayer requests are: doug for his testing and subsequent surgery coming up this week,loyce holt for medical,Marilyn ficco for medical,betty for health,brother senter for medical,pastor Curtis for hopefully getting a new church building for his congregation,bro tom praise report on how God has blessed his family this week.

The clues for question of the month this month are: this ladys warlike praise song is considered one of the earliest poems in our bible. 2. some Israelite leaders asked her to lead them.  if you locate the answer simply call or text me at 863 651 0573 and your name will go into a drawing this month for the Christian movie called “mercy rule”

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