Victory in Gods love

Tonight we are blessed to have our BROTHER IN Christ, Shepherd Curtis Johnson to delver our message. HE IS REFERING TO VERSES 1 peter chp 5:7,john 15:13,john 3:16,proverbs 17:17,psalms 18:1. among others. He is reminding that we all have trials and tribulations but we can rest assured that Gods Love is long suffering. Some people love you when you have money or are on top of the heap when they can benefit from being close to you. But God loves us at all times and without question and without obligation. God loves us with a calling. in other words GOD CALLS US TO BE WITH HIM. We are Gods chosen people. When you find the world crashing around you and everyone claiming this world is ending, everyone running around in panic we only have to look up and seek God. We only have to slow down and listen to God.He protects us and leads our life in all things.

Sometimes you have people in your life that truly challenge your love for them. They toss you out and when they are down they call on you like nothing ever happened. You ask yourself what should I do? Just think about the love of God. God loves us even when we forget him and he loves us when we remember him. When we reflect this same love God can shine thru us.Remember the God showed us in John 3:16.

Tonights prayer list is Marilyn ficco for medical problems,loyce holt for medical,doug mountjoy for medical,pastor bob personal challenges,pastor Curtis personal problems,rosemell Johnson medical and spiritual.

the first clue for our question of the month this month is—- we are looking for a lady whose song of praise for God is considered one of the oldest poems in our bible

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