Today this seems to a bigger challenge than ever before.So many people are trying to find meaning in this world. They hear about our God but simply get so confused by so many “churches” and so many “religions”professing to be worshiping the same God. I hear just as much confusion inside churches around the world, yet in only a very few( in reference to how many,many churches there are) do I really hear earnest discussion on how we should all get along. Tonight (with Gods help) I will bringing a message on just this.

In our live service tonight I will be starting in the book of psalms chapter 111.The writer says he will praise God every where this writer goes. it goes on to say what the writer will tell everyone. it doesn’t say to try to shove it down their throats as some of us in the south tend to say. It says I will praise God everywhere I go. Psalms 103.8 says Our God is slow to anger,compassionate,gracious and abounding in love. What a description that is. Wouldn’t you like to be described like that? How many people do you think would listen to you about our One True God if they saw you in this way? Too many people get on fire for our lord and don’t realize how far they push someone away from God in their overabundant zeal. Tune in tonight and learn how you can have that zeal and by using instructions straight from Jesus win those people over and in the process help them win life everlasting!

Also our drawing this month for a great Christian family movie mailed directly to you will be held this coming Wednesday night. simply look at the blogs just before this one atWWW.T4CHRIST.COM and get the clues to find the bible character and then email it to me at before oct 29,14 to get your name entered into our drawing.

You are all invited to join us live on Wednesday and sunday nights at 8pm eastern time in the u.s. by simply telephoning 712 432 3900 and entering conference code 431167#. You wont be just listening to a live service you will be participating in a truly live service that has been going on for over 11 years. God Bless You All.

ministry update

Exciting news!  Two more people have just last night gotten their names in our drawing for a great Christian movie this month! All you have to do is use the following clues and soon as you get the answer you simply email me at and I will put your name in. we will have the drawing on October 29,14.  1.her warlike song of praise is considered one of the earliest poems in the bible. 2. Israel asked her to lead them. 3.she was the first female judge 4.she was the 4th judge of Israel 5. she lived in Ephraim 6. her translated name means BEE.

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ministry update

Well been really busy lately around this little ministry. As any of you who calling into our live services know already our associate pastor Doug Mountjoy is in the hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma . Where last Thursday doctors(with Gods help)removed a tumor from dougs brain. Pastor Doug is doing great in fact I just heard that  a few hours ago he (with assistance) stood up beside his bed. Then he sat in a chair there in his hospital room. Praise God!!!! We believe the scriptures in our bible where we are instructed to not only ask for help but to fully expect God to answer us and he sure is answering lots of prayers with our brother Doug.We thank all of you for all your continuing prayers for Doug and his family,especially for his wonderful wife Julie. as she is right there by his side all the way.

Also thanks to all the ministers who are giving of their time( after carrying out their duties at their churches) have been filling in  by bringing  Gods word to us on Wednesday and Sunday nights during this tumultuous time in which Pastor Doug cant be doing it ourselves.

Question of the month for October 2014: We only have two people who have gotten the answer to our question of this month so far, so here are the current clues up thru tonight : 1.her warlike song of praise to God is considered one of the earliest poems in our bible. 2. Israel asked her to lead them for a shortwhile. 3. She is the first female judge. 4. She is israels 4th judge. 5. She lived in Ephraim.  Well, that is all for tonight. Hope everyone gets the answers and learns something new or relearns something old. If you get the answer either text me if you have my phone number or email me at Almost forgot, if you get the answer your name goes in a drawing for a great Christian family movie called MERCY RULE.

I Trouble

Tonight we just finished our live service and were blessed to have our good friend and brother in Christ pastor joe from Lakeland,fl. deliver our message for us. He reminded us that we all at some point in our lives tend to start paying more attention to ourselves than we pay to our lord and savior jesus Christ. Even Lucifer who is described in our bible as once being the most beautiful,most anointed angel in heaven began thinking that with all his beauty he could take over heaven. As we have said many times in our lessons that we need to get out of Gods way and quit trying to fix ourselves or quit trying to hold ourselves higher than Jesus because when we do we are only interrupting divine intervention. We need to daily read our bibles and daily have a one on one conversation with our lord and savior because it is in our naturally sinful nature to put ourselves first and not honor our lord and savior,Jesus Christ. Brother Joe referred to the following scriptures Isiah 14:12-15,Ezekiel 28:12-14, 1 Peter 5:8, Galations 2:17-21, Psalms 119:11, Genesis 39:11, 1 Corinthians 10:12-13. Anytime you would like to join us live for a live interactive church service from wherever you are it is so easy. On wed & sunday nights at 8 pm eastern time in the u.s. you simply telephone 712 432 3900 and the recording will ask for a conference number you simply put in 431167# and you will be in live with other Christians. God Bless You All.

Tonights prayer requests are: doug for his testing and subsequent surgery coming up this week,loyce holt for medical,Marilyn ficco for medical,betty for health,brother senter for medical,pastor Curtis for hopefully getting a new church building for his congregation,bro tom praise report on how God has blessed his family this week.

The clues for question of the month this month are: this ladys warlike praise song is considered one of the earliest poems in our bible. 2. some Israelite leaders asked her to lead them.  if you locate the answer simply call or text me at 863 651 0573 and your name will go into a drawing this month for the Christian movie called “mercy rule”

Victory in Gods love

Tonight we are blessed to have our BROTHER IN Christ, Shepherd Curtis Johnson to delver our message. HE IS REFERING TO VERSES 1 peter chp 5:7,john 15:13,john 3:16,proverbs 17:17,psalms 18:1. among others. He is reminding that we all have trials and tribulations but we can rest assured that Gods Love is long suffering. Some people love you when you have money or are on top of the heap when they can benefit from being close to you. But God loves us at all times and without question and without obligation. God loves us with a calling. in other words GOD CALLS US TO BE WITH HIM. We are Gods chosen people. When you find the world crashing around you and everyone claiming this world is ending, everyone running around in panic we only have to look up and seek God. We only have to slow down and listen to God.He protects us and leads our life in all things.

Sometimes you have people in your life that truly challenge your love for them. They toss you out and when they are down they call on you like nothing ever happened. You ask yourself what should I do? Just think about the love of God. God loves us even when we forget him and he loves us when we remember him. When we reflect this same love God can shine thru us.Remember the God showed us in John 3:16.

Tonights prayer list is Marilyn ficco for medical problems,loyce holt for medical,doug mountjoy for medical,pastor bob personal challenges,pastor Curtis personal problems,rosemell Johnson medical and spiritual.

the first clue for our question of the month this month is—- we are looking for a lady whose song of praise for God is considered one of the oldest poems in our bible