Gaging Our Commitment

Wednesday 09/24/2014

1 Thessalonians 2 : 3-13

“The evidence speaks for its self.” This phrase can be applied to our christian lives to help us check up on ourselves in our service to our God. Looking the reasults
of our efforts will help us understand our level of obidence to our God.
In the letter to the Thessalonians Paul shares with his praise for thier salvation and growth in thier christian lives. He is also thankful that God has used him as a wittnes to them.
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prayer requests from our service tonight

each service we take prayer requests and we ask each and everyone to pray over this list daily. tonight we had the following prayer requests Curtis Johnson family, Rosenell Johnson,loyce holt,marilyn tafoya,brad axtells family,tom evans family,alicia for job,stacy is still ill,deb for her upcoming trip, heather for illness,pam myers, lemay family trk drivers grandmother,heather for illness


Today I hear so many people worrying them selves right away from OUR LORD listening to all the gloom and doom on the tv news and in the newspapers and in lots of churches. now don’t get me wrong, there will be lots of gloom and doom in the actual end times when it comes. Lots of people are worried about being left behind after others are taken up to be with Christ. Many people worry every day do I have the correct translation of the bible. I teach people that whichever translation you have the story will be the same. You see I believe that OUR GOD is too big for man to corrupt. People can teach it in different ways, such as different denominations teach it their way or the catholics teach it an even different way. But I believe what the scriptures say about this especially in 1st Corinthians where we are reminded there is only one CHRIST, one way to teach about him. Some people try to change it up so they get the attention but each time I challenge people to pick up the scripture and read it then take a minute and think on what it says,they always get the same answers. They see how much they have been mislead. This is why in this ministry we say, don’t just listen to us. Read for yourself. People always say they are religious. Well religion is simply mans way of changing the scriptures in order to try and reach  GOD on mans level. People always try to scare you with the horrible things to come in the end.

Lots of people are terrified of this man called the anti Christ. I have even heard that president Obama is THE ANTI CHRIST. I personally believe this is wrong because I read the bible simply as it is written, and I ask GOD to open my eyes to the truth. This coming sunday night service we are going to explore the holy scriptures and discover why we don’t need to worry about all those horrible things to come on this earth. But we will also discover what we are required to do in the mean time to get our selves ready and to also help others get ready.

Anyone who wants to study up before sunday night service , we will be in the following scriptures as well as others: genesis chapter 1 Isiah 64 verse 8,Luke chapter 21, john chapter 10 verses 14 thru 18,revelations 1 verses 17,17. revelations 3 verse 10 and verse 20.

if anyone would like to join other Christians live in a truly not denominational church service eall you need to do is at 8pm eastern time Wednesdays and sundays simply call 712 432 3900. you will hear a short recording asking for a conference number simply put in 431167# and you will be live in a service where you can talk to other Christians and we have a live sermon and we take prayer requests and pray over them like any other church. Until then MAY GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS.

You Know Better Than That

Wednesday Bible study
Sept. 10,2014

When was the last time we heard someone say to in disappointment “You know better than that.”? And how many times a day do we give our God a reason to say it?
There are times when we as our God’s children that make mistakes. However when this happens it not the end of the matter. God is a very forgiving parent when we repent and ask forgiveness for these mistakes. He also provides the means to keep them from happening. In 2 Peter 1:3-11 we find some guides and principles to apply to our lives that will keep us from making these mistakes over and over again.
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Tonight’s Wednesday Bible Study is Titled
“Complete Awareness”

How Aware are we of Our God as we go about our daily lives? Call in tonight at 8pm Eastern Time ( 712-432-3900 using conference ID 431167) to find out what warning Jesus gave about being unaware.
If you’d like to get a head start on tonight’s Bible study, look at Luke chapter 21. Read all 38 verses to get the background on what Jesus tells us (his present-day disciples) in Verse 34-36, which is the main focus for the study tonight.