Such a devisive word “THE”

  Who ever would think that such a little word could be so divisive? We have lots of divisive words that have creeped into our daily vocabulary over the centuries. But, tonight I want to center on only one of these words “THE”. I was reading a newspaper column this morning written by a preacher who is also a chaplain for the national guard. he said that one day he was speaking at a gathering of ministers and he mistakingly referred to his wife as THE WIFE. he says he knew it had been a mistake because as soon as he was alone with his wife later that evening he discovered how fast his wedding vows might come true if this is how he really viewed his beautiful,loving,caring wife! Remember the part about how long you will be together?

          After I read this I was watching a show on television this morning that I really enjoy(the Gaither classic gospel hour) on sunday mornings. They were singing some wonderful songs like The King of Kings is coming back soon. And many others and I noticed how many times OUR JESUS was called THE LORD or THE KING. so I sat down and began counting the ways we divide ourselves from our lord and savior! If this pastors wife felt divided and apart from the man she loved and had vowed to stand beside and love for all her days on this earth just  for a little while TRY TO IMAGINE HOW OUR LORD MUST FEEL. In John 3:16 we are told that OUR GOD sent his ONLY begotten son to die on the cross for OUR SINS. Not his sins as he didn’t have any. Yet we get so lacksadaisical  and lazy In our daily lives and so wrapped up in our own self gratification that we forget how much love for us this had to take. I believe that his early disciples did we should refer to Jesus as OUR lord not the lord, as OUR KING OF KINGS not THE king of kings.

      Also when we are trying to explain to someone else how we feel about JESUS CHRIST they hear and see what you say and how much enthusiasm you use when you talk. When you call OUR SAVIOR the lord or the king of kings and the savior of my life you are saying that he is not as important as you think you are saying he is. Next time trying saying JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR or JESUS IS MY KING OF KINGS  AND JESUS CAN BE YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR TOO! You will start getting more interest than in the past. Because you see people as well as  OUR LORD AND SAVIOR  both watch and listen to your words and language.

    For more on this please join us tonight in our live service. You can do this from wherever you might be at 8pm eastern time tonight. you simply call into our live chat room at 712 432 3900 and a recording will ask for your conference number simply enter 431167#. you will be in a real live church service where you can talk to and enjoy being with other Christians. We have a live sermon,and we take prayer requests, questions and answers and live discussions. We always hope you can get into a good bible based local church wherever you maybe but when you cant we would love for you to join us.


2 thoughts on “Such a devisive word “THE”

  1. Very thought provoking, Brother Bob! We hadn’t ever considered the impersonal sound of that word when we speak of our Lord! We will definitely be mindful of both our attitude and our word choices after this! Can’t wait to hear your sermon tonight for the rest!

    • wonderful lesson tonight, and so thankful for each and every one of you who attended with us and shared with us. Prayer requests were taken and will be posted shortly. God be with each and every one of you till we meet again!

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