EXTRA EXTRA!!! Read All About It!!

Announcing a New Way to get Extra Blessings from the Question of the Month! Have you already figured out the answer and are wondering “what now?” Do you want a little more challenge? Well I have come up with “extra credit” questions based on each of the clues given out so far. These extra questions are more challenging, requiring you to dust off your Bible skills! You will need to become a Bible Investigator to figure these out, LOL.
When you figure it out and you think you have the answer…email me at Trucker4Christ@gmail.com and tell me. Add anything else that you may have discovered in your “investigation”!

At the end of the month when we give out the answer to the question, and the winner of the movie, we will also discuss the answers to these extra credit questions and I will read some of the emails I received. I’m hoping to spark some lively discussion and get some new insights!

So here are the questions based on the clues so far:

1) the Clue was “He was a shepherd of Tekoa.”
So…This man also had a secondary profession before God called him to be a prophet, what was his other job?

2) the Clue was “He prophesied two years before the great earthquake of 760 BC. “.
So…Who were the kings of Judah and Isreal during the time of his prophesies?

3) the Clue was “He prophesied punishment on Isreal and its neighbors.”
So..Which of these neighbors is featured prominently in recent current events?

4) the Clue was “In a vision he saw God holding a simple carpenter’s tool.”
So…What kind of a tool was it and how did God use it?

5) the Clue was “Bob taught a lesson on this prophet this month.”
Bob compared the lifestyle and society of the Isrealites of this prophet’s day to that of our own.
So…What did this prophet say was the cure for religious and social corruption in chapter 5?

6) the Clue was “This man prophesied about an unusual famine. One that did not include water or food.”
So…what did this famine cause the people to search for, “staggering from sea to sea”?

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