August 19,2014 “Stay the Course”

    Today so many people get on fire for our Lord in the beginning of their walk with him, but later start to slow down.  Sometimes  this is due to these folks skipping church and sometimes it is due to so many life struggles they might be going thru or that may come into their lives. But mostly I believe it is due to no one staying close enough to them to keep helping them and instructing them from the scriptures in our bible. When we are going along truly on fire for the lord we are so happy to share our knowledge and understanding with people and try to bring into them the same salvation and wonderful relationship with our lord that we have. But often times after this point we take for granted that they are now well enough grounded in the scriptures that we can now move along to helping someone else. We tend to forget that we ourselves have glitches in our walk with Jesus. I am so thankful that Jesus never forgets  and NEVER LETS ME STAY DOWN THERE!

    In Matthew 11:28 we are told “even the strongest of us have have moments when the burdens of life seem too great.IT is then that our Lord whispers to our hearts…come to me all who are heavy burdened,and I will give you rest. Some times we lose sight of the prize  in this race we call life” the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 3:14.We forget to embrace the small things that God does for us every day in our lives.We keep looking for the big things that we want him to do. as Zechariah said in chapter 4 verses 8-10,” Don’t turn away from the small things”. In Isaiah 28:10-11 we are reminded that the way to our Lord is precept upon precept,here a little, there a little the Lord will teach you.” In other words little by little, step by step that is the way to wisdom ,that is the way to glory

    So the next time you get heavy burdened with lifes problems remember it is the small things that God does for you everyday for you that matter so much more than any big step that you can take on your own. Look around yourself and If you see someone struggling in their daily walk take a little while and pray with them and listen to them and discuss Gods little instruction book,”OUR BIBLE” with them and help them over their rough spot and hard time in their life just like others have helped you. You will find God working thru you tio help them and at the same time you will realize he is helping you too.

    We welcome all to our live ministry on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8 pm eastern time(u.s.) you don’t even have to leave home or where ever in the world you are. simply call on your telephone 712 432 3900. you will hear a short recording that asks you for your conference number, simply punch in 431167#. You will be in live with other like minded Christians.

Also we have a question of the month where we give out clues each service and if you can tell us the correct answer your name goes in a drawing at the end of that month. This month we are giving away the new movie “God is not Dead”. the following clues are for this month

1.He was a shepherd of tekoa.


3. He prophesied punishment on Israel and its neighbors.

4.In a vision he saw God holding a simple carpenters tool.

5. I taught a lesson on this prophet already this month.

6.This man prophesied about an unusual famine. One that did not include water or food!

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