Book of Amos. Lessons for Today

      Last night(august 3,2014) we had a lesson on the story of Amos the prophet. He is a simple farmer and herder. He is not what some call a professional prophet. God told amos to leave his home in Judah and travel 50 miles(about 3 days) to samaria the capitol of Israel to tell the Israelites lots of gloom and doom was coming due to their lifestyles getting farther and farther from true worship of God. They were doing things like oppressing the poor, sexual immorality, corruption ,injustice in the court room, selfishness, worshiping of idols. All this was about 762 b.c.!!! nearly 3000years ago!!

   It all sounds so much like out united states today. You see, their country was founded on the principle of the ten commandments just like ours was too. But just like our country those people had so many blessings from God for so long that they got to thinking more about how much more they might could get for themselves and how much easier life would be if you cold find some creative ways to get other people to do their work for little to no pay.  They started just going thru the motions of worshiping God. They no longer took care of widows and orphans.(You see there was no welfare system back then like we have now) The rich bribed judges to rule in favor of the rich. Back then the country of Greece was like the Disneyland for the rich. These corrupt officials would tax a poor widow and use that money along with all their illgotten gains to sail to Greece for a holiday!.  In the old and new testaments one thing God keeps saying is to “HELP THE HELPLESS”. 

 They slowly got away from sexuality being a gift from God for married people in their bedroom  to it becoming more and more acceptable to talk about it in public. At religious festivals they openly wore clothes that their debtors had put up as security. You see it was illegal for you to take a persons cloak over night for security on a debt and it was illegal to take a widows cloak at all. But in a time of such corruption lots of things happen that aren’t supposed to. Things openly against Gods instructions!

  God had Amos tell the Israelites that they would be carried away like fish with with hooks in your noses! They still did not listen. After a while  the Israelites were over run and carried off. The Israelites figured it out too late.  Now we know God did restore them after many died off and more were born.

  We today are blessed with the scriptures showing us this example.  Yet most people today choose to ignore God telling them selves that God wont do this kind of thing today. He only did it back then. Those people of Amos time probably said the same thing since it had happened hundreds of years before them!

  Today when I tell people we need to fix this country now before we are overrun and carried away they like to use the excuse that one person cant make a difference! But if we each one concentrated on reading these blessed scriptures and tried to fix ourselves and started becoming a true example for others around us in our tiny remote part of this world slowly the changes would begin around each of us. Invite people to church.They will either say yes or no. Don’t worry about rejection! At least you tried. I have invited lots and lots of people to church and eventually some come in.But I keep trying. If they ask a question that you cant answer then explain to them what you do know and invite them to call some. of our other members who can answer them. Be proud to be a Christian. Don’t hide it. Be a light unto the world. Wear a cap or shirt proclaiming your faith in God. Don’t hide your faith.  God will give you the words to say when you need them. I and many others have experienced this many times and we will all experience it again.

     We invite you all over this awesome world to join us live by phone at 712 432 3900. when the recording prompts you to simply enter the number 431167#. you will be immediately put in live with us. we meet at 8pm eastern time(u.s.) Wednesdays and sundays



2 thoughts on “Book of Amos. Lessons for Today

  1. Awesome Message, Brother Bob! It is a sobering thot to compare ourselves to those people and look at their end result! Time to step up our GamePlan!!

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