Prayer requests tonight

Thank all of you for coming in to our live service tonight. We had the following prayer requests brought to our attention tonight. Please remember these people when you send your prayers up to heaven. The Broen family as their dad just crossed over to be with our lord,Marilyn Ficco is bleeding inside and doctors are having a hard time stopping it,Loyce Holt for health problems,Stacey for her hand to heal,Donna alred and family for spiritual healing. Thank you and God bless you all.

Such a devisive word “THE”

  Who ever would think that such a little word could be so divisive? We have lots of divisive words that have creeped into our daily vocabulary over the centuries. But, tonight I want to center on only one of these words “THE”. I was reading a newspaper column this morning written by a preacher who is also a chaplain for the national guard. he said that one day he was speaking at a gathering of ministers and he mistakingly referred to his wife as THE WIFE. he says he knew it had been a mistake because as soon as he was alone with his wife later that evening he discovered how fast his wedding vows might come true if this is how he really viewed his beautiful,loving,caring wife! Remember the part about how long you will be together?

          After I read this I was watching a show on television this morning that I really enjoy(the Gaither classic gospel hour) on sunday mornings. They were singing some wonderful songs like The King of Kings is coming back soon. And many others and I noticed how many times OUR JESUS was called THE LORD or THE KING. so I sat down and began counting the ways we divide ourselves from our lord and savior! If this pastors wife felt divided and apart from the man she loved and had vowed to stand beside and love for all her days on this earth just  for a little while TRY TO IMAGINE HOW OUR LORD MUST FEEL. In John 3:16 we are told that OUR GOD sent his ONLY begotten son to die on the cross for OUR SINS. Not his sins as he didn’t have any. Yet we get so lacksadaisical  and lazy In our daily lives and so wrapped up in our own self gratification that we forget how much love for us this had to take. I believe that his early disciples did we should refer to Jesus as OUR lord not the lord, as OUR KING OF KINGS not THE king of kings.

      Also when we are trying to explain to someone else how we feel about JESUS CHRIST they hear and see what you say and how much enthusiasm you use when you talk. When you call OUR SAVIOR the lord or the king of kings and the savior of my life you are saying that he is not as important as you think you are saying he is. Next time trying saying JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR or JESUS IS MY KING OF KINGS  AND JESUS CAN BE YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR TOO! You will start getting more interest than in the past. Because you see people as well as  OUR LORD AND SAVIOR  both watch and listen to your words and language.

    For more on this please join us tonight in our live service. You can do this from wherever you might be at 8pm eastern time tonight. you simply call into our live chat room at 712 432 3900 and a recording will ask for your conference number simply enter 431167#. you will be in a real live church service where you can talk to and enjoy being with other Christians. We have a live sermon,and we take prayer requests, questions and answers and live discussions. We always hope you can get into a good bible based local church wherever you maybe but when you cant we would love for you to join us.



EXTRA EXTRA!!! Read All About It!!

Announcing a New Way to get Extra Blessings from the Question of the Month! Have you already figured out the answer and are wondering “what now?” Do you want a little more challenge? Well I have come up with “extra credit” questions based on each of the clues given out so far. These extra questions are more challenging, requiring you to dust off your Bible skills! You will need to become a Bible Investigator to figure these out, LOL.
When you figure it out and you think you have the answer…email me at and tell me. Add anything else that you may have discovered in your “investigation”!

At the end of the month when we give out the answer to the question, and the winner of the movie, we will also discuss the answers to these extra credit questions and I will read some of the emails I received. I’m hoping to spark some lively discussion and get some new insights!

So here are the questions based on the clues so far:

1) the Clue was “He was a shepherd of Tekoa.”
So…This man also had a secondary profession before God called him to be a prophet, what was his other job?

2) the Clue was “He prophesied two years before the great earthquake of 760 BC. “.
So…Who were the kings of Judah and Isreal during the time of his prophesies?

3) the Clue was “He prophesied punishment on Isreal and its neighbors.”
So..Which of these neighbors is featured prominently in recent current events?

4) the Clue was “In a vision he saw God holding a simple carpenter’s tool.”
So…What kind of a tool was it and how did God use it?

5) the Clue was “Bob taught a lesson on this prophet this month.”
Bob compared the lifestyle and society of the Isrealites of this prophet’s day to that of our own.
So…What did this prophet say was the cure for religious and social corruption in chapter 5?

6) the Clue was “This man prophesied about an unusual famine. One that did not include water or food.”
So…what did this famine cause the people to search for, “staggering from sea to sea”?

August 19,2014 “Stay the Course”

    Today so many people get on fire for our Lord in the beginning of their walk with him, but later start to slow down.  Sometimes  this is due to these folks skipping church and sometimes it is due to so many life struggles they might be going thru or that may come into their lives. But mostly I believe it is due to no one staying close enough to them to keep helping them and instructing them from the scriptures in our bible. When we are going along truly on fire for the lord we are so happy to share our knowledge and understanding with people and try to bring into them the same salvation and wonderful relationship with our lord that we have. But often times after this point we take for granted that they are now well enough grounded in the scriptures that we can now move along to helping someone else. We tend to forget that we ourselves have glitches in our walk with Jesus. I am so thankful that Jesus never forgets  and NEVER LETS ME STAY DOWN THERE!

    In Matthew 11:28 we are told “even the strongest of us have have moments when the burdens of life seem too great.IT is then that our Lord whispers to our hearts…come to me all who are heavy burdened,and I will give you rest. Some times we lose sight of the prize  in this race we call life” the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 3:14.We forget to embrace the small things that God does for us every day in our lives.We keep looking for the big things that we want him to do. as Zechariah said in chapter 4 verses 8-10,” Don’t turn away from the small things”. In Isaiah 28:10-11 we are reminded that the way to our Lord is precept upon precept,here a little, there a little the Lord will teach you.” In other words little by little, step by step that is the way to wisdom ,that is the way to glory

    So the next time you get heavy burdened with lifes problems remember it is the small things that God does for you everyday for you that matter so much more than any big step that you can take on your own. Look around yourself and If you see someone struggling in their daily walk take a little while and pray with them and listen to them and discuss Gods little instruction book,”OUR BIBLE” with them and help them over their rough spot and hard time in their life just like others have helped you. You will find God working thru you tio help them and at the same time you will realize he is helping you too.

    We welcome all to our live ministry on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8 pm eastern time(u.s.) you don’t even have to leave home or where ever in the world you are. simply call on your telephone 712 432 3900. you will hear a short recording that asks you for your conference number, simply punch in 431167#. You will be in live with other like minded Christians.

Also we have a question of the month where we give out clues each service and if you can tell us the correct answer your name goes in a drawing at the end of that month. This month we are giving away the new movie “God is not Dead”. the following clues are for this month

1.He was a shepherd of tekoa.


3. He prophesied punishment on Israel and its neighbors.

4.In a vision he saw God holding a simple carpenters tool.

5. I taught a lesson on this prophet already this month.

6.This man prophesied about an unusual famine. One that did not include water or food!

Book of Amos. Lessons for Today

      Last night(august 3,2014) we had a lesson on the story of Amos the prophet. He is a simple farmer and herder. He is not what some call a professional prophet. God told amos to leave his home in Judah and travel 50 miles(about 3 days) to samaria the capitol of Israel to tell the Israelites lots of gloom and doom was coming due to their lifestyles getting farther and farther from true worship of God. They were doing things like oppressing the poor, sexual immorality, corruption ,injustice in the court room, selfishness, worshiping of idols. All this was about 762 b.c.!!! nearly 3000years ago!!

   It all sounds so much like out united states today. You see, their country was founded on the principle of the ten commandments just like ours was too. But just like our country those people had so many blessings from God for so long that they got to thinking more about how much more they might could get for themselves and how much easier life would be if you cold find some creative ways to get other people to do their work for little to no pay.  They started just going thru the motions of worshiping God. They no longer took care of widows and orphans.(You see there was no welfare system back then like we have now) The rich bribed judges to rule in favor of the rich. Back then the country of Greece was like the Disneyland for the rich. These corrupt officials would tax a poor widow and use that money along with all their illgotten gains to sail to Greece for a holiday!.  In the old and new testaments one thing God keeps saying is to “HELP THE HELPLESS”. 

 They slowly got away from sexuality being a gift from God for married people in their bedroom  to it becoming more and more acceptable to talk about it in public. At religious festivals they openly wore clothes that their debtors had put up as security. You see it was illegal for you to take a persons cloak over night for security on a debt and it was illegal to take a widows cloak at all. But in a time of such corruption lots of things happen that aren’t supposed to. Things openly against Gods instructions!

  God had Amos tell the Israelites that they would be carried away like fish with with hooks in your noses! They still did not listen. After a while  the Israelites were over run and carried off. The Israelites figured it out too late.  Now we know God did restore them after many died off and more were born.

  We today are blessed with the scriptures showing us this example.  Yet most people today choose to ignore God telling them selves that God wont do this kind of thing today. He only did it back then. Those people of Amos time probably said the same thing since it had happened hundreds of years before them!

  Today when I tell people we need to fix this country now before we are overrun and carried away they like to use the excuse that one person cant make a difference! But if we each one concentrated on reading these blessed scriptures and tried to fix ourselves and started becoming a true example for others around us in our tiny remote part of this world slowly the changes would begin around each of us. Invite people to church.They will either say yes or no. Don’t worry about rejection! At least you tried. I have invited lots and lots of people to church and eventually some come in.But I keep trying. If they ask a question that you cant answer then explain to them what you do know and invite them to call some. of our other members who can answer them. Be proud to be a Christian. Don’t hide it. Be a light unto the world. Wear a cap or shirt proclaiming your faith in God. Don’t hide your faith.  God will give you the words to say when you need them. I and many others have experienced this many times and we will all experience it again.

     We invite you all over this awesome world to join us live by phone at 712 432 3900. when the recording prompts you to simply enter the number 431167#. you will be immediately put in live with us. we meet at 8pm eastern time(u.s.) Wednesdays and sundays



Book of Amos.lessons for us today

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