Tonight we talked about freedom,both in America and most importantly in GOD.our lessons came primarily fro the books of second peter,first,second and third john. we learned that the only really true freedom we ever really achieve is when we keep our eyes and our hearts centered on GOD our father in heaven.We learned that freedom comes from disengaging our selves from things here on earth. Quit trying to shine in front our neighbors and shine in GOD’s EYES. We learned how that even in the first century(when people who had known JESUS when he was here on earth were still alive) even then were trying to change the story that the scriptures told and rewrite the scriptures so that they would look important and they could be leaders instead of the people JESUS had appointed. People today are still today doing this same thing.This is how denominations first came about in the church. we learned that in John 8:36 our bible says if the son sets you free,you will be free indeed. also 2 Corinthians 3:17 it says that the lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the lord is,there is freedom. in other words we should try our very best each and every day to follow GODS scriptures and he will be there with us. He knows we are not perfect(he created us) but he wants to try our very best. When we keep our eyes on him we will begin disassociating ourselves with this world, in other words we will start needing physical things less and less each day.

One thought on “freedom

  1. We enjoyed the Sunday message so much! It really hit home and gave us a fresh look at our lives. Its so easy to get discouraged sometimes when things just keep happening in your life. But like you say we have been made free of all of that, just need to remember to claim the promises. Ty!

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